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because it shows great honor for the countries that are in the Olympics and it shows viewers what countries are in the Olympics


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To show pride in each country.

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There is no order at the closing ceremony. The flag bearers and country name board bearers enter first in single file. Then the athletes enter, en masse, without distinction of country.

about 8,000 people will carry the torch...

The team chooses an athlete to carry the flag in the Olympics. It can be anybody.

There were no Olympics, and so no Olympic flag, in the Middle Ages.

Mahe Drysdale carried the New Zealand flag at the Bejiing Olympics.

The five-ring Olympic flag was first formally used in the 1920 Belgium Olympics.

when was the olympic flag first made

cause its a special and old flag to represent the olympics

The Flag Bearers for the 2014 Commonwealth Games for England were: Opening: Nick Matthew Closing: Kate Richardson-Walsh

There is no specific rule, but more often than not the flag carrier is a competing athlete.

Ayumi Ogasawara (Sport: Curling) is the flag bearer for Jap in Sochi Olympics 2014.

Flag bearers did just what their name entitles, held their colors on the battlefield. In the Confederate Army each regiment had a battle flag and sometimes a state flag. In the Union Army each regiment carried a national flag as well as a regimental flag which had the eagle holding a shield. Not only were these flags a symbol of pride to the soldiers, they also had the very important job of helping to keep the men in line (you were taught to "dress" on the colors) as well as help commanders know what regiment was which and where they were on the battlefield.

It is because only flags of participating countries are allowed to be flown at the olympics. Scotland does not enter the olympics, Great Britain does, so only the Union Flag is allowed to be flown.

The Olympic flag has five rings. These rings, along with their five different colors, represent the international flavor of the Olympics. Specifically, they represent the colors on the flags of the participating countries in the 1912 Olympics.

Perhaps the unit's color guard or flag bearers, since they became easy targets.

James Tomkins was the olympic flag bearer for Australia

I don't think that any country has a flag like that. But I do know that is the flag for the world olympics.

The flag used to represent Africa in the Olympics was green. A silhouette of Africa was located in the middle with yellow stars making a circle around it.

the first time we had the olympics

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