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Why do the brake lights constantly stay on whether the vehicle is on or off?

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There is a brake light switch mounted high up on the brake pedal. The switch has a plunger which is released (extends) when you step on the brake pedal. This completes an electrical circuit. The switch has either come loose from where is it mounted so that the plunger is released all the time or part of the plunger has broken off. This has the same effect as having the plunger released.

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Brakes lights don't work on Toyota Tacoma?

every vehicle must have brake lights to indicate that the vehicle is stopping. with no brake lights the vehicle can cause a rear end collision.

How often are vehicle brake lights on?

Brake lights are on continuously while you are driving. Every time the brake pedal is depressed.

How do you Wire brake lights?

What kind of vehicle?

How many fuses control the turn signals and brake lights?

It depends on the vehicle but in general you would have one fuse for the signals and one fuse for the brake lights.

No brake lights on s-10 blazer?

It is important to have working brake lights on a vehicle. If the brake lights are not working a person should first check the fuse, bulbs and at last the wiring.

Brake lights constantly on 1984 300zx?

More than likely the brake light switch is defective or out of adjustment.

What makes a brake light come on when the key is in the ignition?

Is it when the ignition lights on the brake lights are stuck on? If so adjust the brake light switch at the pedal.hope this helps Answer: Its the park lights. The vehicle is probably in park.

Any information about a 2005 Ram 2500 that the running lights keep coming on and kill the battery when the vehicle is off?

Are you sure it is your running lights & not just the brake lights? A bad brake light switch (common problem) will cause your brake lights to stay on all the time because they are not wired to the accessory switch, meaning they will work whether the truck is on or off. Hope this helps!

Are brake lights and turn lights the same bulb?

depends on the vehicle, some yes some no

What does the turn signal have to do with the brake lights on a Denali?

im not familair with that make of vehicle but. the brake lights anf the signals are supposed to be separte. they both plug into a harness near the back of the vehicle. if your brake lights are working with your signals, you might have something crossed. take it to an expert you trusst and let them check it out.

Does Every vehicle on the road must have 2 brake lights on the rear of the vehicle?

Motorcycles can only have one.

Brake light wont go off with engine off on 2005 caravan?

I had this problem when I shut off the vehicle while the brake pedal was still depressed. I would recommend you start the vehicle up, turn on all lights, then shut back off and turn vehicle off without have foot on brake pedal. These vans havea feature which keeps the lights on for a short period after the vehicle has been shut down, but I think there is a fault in this feature when you turn off the vehicle with the brake pedal pressed, which causes the brake lights to stay on even though the vehicle is off

Where is the fuse for the brake lights?

Need more info such as vehicle model and year.

When the foot brake is pressed which lights must come on?

The red ones in the rear of the car. Note: They are separate from and next to the red lights that are on constantly when you turn your head lights on.

When vehicle is off the brake light stays on?

=I don't know about the brake lights. I know that most cars, when you turn it off and get out, the head lights and main backlights stays on for a while but then goes off. The brake lights? Maybe it's the way that car is or something is wrong with the brake or you have it on wrong.=

Reverse lights work and signals but brake lights will not work fuses and bulbs are working on 2001 ford expedition?

There is a switch under brake pedal. This switch controls the brake lights. They some times go bad. Have someone stand behind vehicle while you push on brake pedal, if no brake lights come on. Try pushing the brake switch by hand. Check for power with a voltmeter.

Why would the brake lights on a 99 S-10 stay on constantly even with the ignition off?

a bad or mis-adjusted brake switch.gmjim

Your Grand Marquis won't come out of park when you step on the brake Also you have no brake lights What could be causing that to happen?

Check the fuse for the brake lights Shift interlock is the same circuitAs an emergency you can try--move the key to first position (unlock) with out starting vehicle - shift to neutral and then start vehicleAnswerCheck the fuse for the brake lights Shift interlock is the same circuit As an emergency you can try--move the key to first position (unlock) with out starting vehicle - shift to neutral and then start vehicle

Why would the brake lights on a 1998 318ti work normally without the headlights but stay on constantly with the headlights?

if you recenly replaced bulbs u may have installed them backwards they should be running lights and brake lights if this is the case they maybe installed incorrectly

Brake lights don't work on my 1998 Chevy silverado 2500 pickup what be done?

Brake lights indicate when a vehicle is about to stop. When brake lights stop working it is important to check the wiring, the fuse, and the light itself. It could be that any of those need to be replaced.

Why are your trailer brake lights staying on when you turn your headlights on?

First you need to understand that most, if not all, vehicle [autos, trucks, and trailers] rear lighting systems have both tail light bulbs and brake light bulbs, OR a single bulb on each side [right and left] that each have two filaments [what glows when electricity is applied]. The tail lights are supposed to be on when the headlights, or parking lights, in the towing vehicle are turned on. The separate brake light bulb, or brake light filament in the dual filament bulbs is only supposed to turn on when the brake pedal is depressed, and the towing vehicle brake lights are on. I suspect that what you are calling brake lights are actually the tail lights. To check this out, run some tests. Have an assistant sit in the vehicle and do the following on your command: 1. Apply brakes by pressing on the brake pedal. The brake lights should turn on. 2. With foot OFF of the brake, turn on the headlights. The trailer tail lights should turn on. 3. With the headlights on, have the assistant depress the break pedal. Even though the tail lights are already on, the brake lights should come on also, causing the trailer lights to brighten noticeably 4. While you're checking, have the assistant turn the ignition key to on, and one at a time test the left and right turn signals. Again, I think what you think are brake lights, are actually the tail ligts.

Hazard lights and brake lights don't work but the turn signals do?

possibly the fuse for brake lights......also could be brake light switch----turn signal switch----broken wiring anywhere in the vehicle---relay not working ---any other item specific to your venicle.

What should I do when my 2000 Cirrus brake lights work when the headlights are off?

ummm... your brake lights should ALWAYS work whether your headlights are on or not, that's how people behind you know you are stopping.

I have a 1995 Honda civic sedan. the brake lights are constantly on. i need to locate the brake switch and replace. where exactly do i find the switch?

Usually at the base of the brake pedal.

What are five devices on your vehicle that will help you communicate with other drivers?

The horn, The signal lights, The brake lights, The back up lights, Flashing the high beam headlights,