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HeySam==If they work without touching the switch, the switches are bad. If they won't work until you slam a door, the motors need replacing. Goodluckjoe

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โˆ™ 2004-07-10 10:41:57
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Q: Why do the electric windows only work intermittently?
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How do you fix the electric windows on 1995 jeep Laredo The electric window don't work?

my electric windows on my Cherokee jeep won`t work. WHAT can i do to solve this

What is wrong when a 1991 Ford e150 tails lights work only intermittently?

loose wire?

1996 BMW 323i electric windows dont work?

Get them fixed.

Why would a 97 Plymouth speedometer work only intermittently?

It is possible that the speedometer on a 1997 Plymouth will only work intermittently because the gear is worn out. Sometimes dirt can get up into the area where the speedometer cable is housed and cause excessive wear to the gear.

What would make both front door windows on a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country work intermittently?

maybe a broken wire in the door jam

Why your electric windows and stereo and electric mirrors wont work in your corsa?

Your electric windows, mirrors, and stereo might not work in your Corsa because of a blown fuse or exposed wiring. The easiest way to begin troubleshooting would be to check each fuse.

How do you repair the blinkers on a 2002 Olds Alero that work only intermittently?

This is a recalled item, contact your dealer.

How do electric windows work?

Electric Windows generally, have a switch that operates a motor. The motor raises the or lowers the window using either a system of gears or a pulley system.

Where can one purchase windshield wipers that work intermittently?

When purchasing windshield wipers that work intermittently, they can be any windshield wipers that are the correct size. The ability to work intermittently is a wiring/fuse ordeal. This does not play a part in the selection of windshield wipers that you choose from.

Why do only the drivers side electric windows work on your 2002 Ford Focus?

Plastic thing that attaches window glass to the window motor might be broken.

Does the Dreamcast only work with windows CE?


Why wont the electric windows work on your 94 Toyota Carina?

The motor is probably damaged or the fuse is blown that powers the power windows.

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