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I'm not sure what you mean by "dip" and "main", but if you mean when you switch from low beam to high beam, then the problem most likely is in your turn signal lever. There may be a dead area in between pulling it back (low beam) and pushing it forward (high beam). I had this problem on a '98 Grand Marquis. Make sure the lever is all the back on low beam until you get it repaired. I would not recommend switching to high beam before then.

try replacing one of the bulbs on one side first, you may just have the high-beam element burnt out in both bulbs

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Q: Why do the lights go out on your car when you switch from dip to main beam?
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Where is the switch for Bright lights on Lincoln Town Car?

i have a 96 Town car and the high/low beam switch is on turn signal. push signal switch forward for high, back for low.

Why would a 1992 Mazda 121 light switch flick onto full lights whenever the car goes over a bump and how do you fix this?

You have a faulty switch in the base of your indicator/light stalk. This switch wears out with use so the lights can flip easily to High beam from Low Beam. The fix: Replace the switch assembly and stalk.

Why does the 89 Pontiac sunbird le highbeam lights wont work when you move the switch Changed highbeam bulbs Is it the switch or electrical problem Low beam lights work fine?

I have the exact same year, model etc. The high beam doesn't have a switch.. You pull the blinker switch towards you. That is how high beams work on this car. The slider bar located near the lights dims and brightens the dash board lights.

Head lights wont come on on a 1999 Pontiac Montana what could be the answer the fuses have been check and the light bulbs?

I had a car that had a failed combination switch (the turn signal, hi-low beam, parking lights switch). I could get the lights to come on if I set the switch to high beam, but not low. A new switch and, viola! Verrry expensive to have dealer repair. If this is your problem, hopefully you have a mechanic friend.

Why does the low beam headlights of my 1990 Lincoln Town Car not come on?

Try looking at the low beam fuse it may be blown. If no other lights come on it could be the switch.

Why would all your car lights fail?

the light switch controls all lights normally, it takes power from the battery and distributes it to the lights by several different wires, hi beam , lo beam, tail , dash, etc. Of course check all the fuses first , and the fuseable linkwires if equipped.

Is there a constant hot going to a cars tail lights?

There is no electricity going to the lights of an automobile if the light switch inside the car is off. The main switch cuts off all current to the lights, both front and rear. There will be current to the tail lights if the brake is applied.

Why the rear lights of your car are on with the car off?

The rear lights of your car will still on even if your car was off because the switch was turned on and it will still remain on until the battery's out. Another possibility, if the headlight switch is off and the ignition switch is off, the brake light switch may be out of adjustment or broken and what you're seeing is the brake lights on.

What are dual beam headlights?

Car headlights have to be able to "dip" so as not to dazzle oncoming traffic, they therefore can switch between a "high" beam and a "dipped" beam and thus have a dual beam.

Where is the multi-purpose switch for a 1995 olds aurora?

A multi-purpose switch is the blinker- high beam switch on the stearing coulm of the car.

When driving behind a car at night what distance should you turn down your high beam lights?

when you see there tail lights. White lights travel farther then red lights.

When driving your car at night with your high beam on at what distance should you lower your lights when you approach another car?

500 feet

How many types of car lights can be found?

On an average car, there are high and low beam lights for night driving, clearance lights on the front and back, front and rear turn signals, and back-up lights used when backing up.

What is the blue switch in the ashtray for in my 2007 tiburon?

The switch is not a switch. It is a light for the ashtray itself. It will only be on when the car has the headlights or running lights on.

Why would the parking lights stay on after the car is put into park and the engine is turned off?

if you leave the parking lights switch "ON" the lights will remain on, even if the car has been turned off.

Why my car low beam works but not high beam?

You need to replace the bulbs in the lights.

Why would the high-beam indicator go on when you turn on the low-beam headlights?

it sounds like a bad dimmer switch to me ,but without knowing if the car has a (DRL)daytime running lights control unit. the control could have a bad ground , and that ground is behind the left kick panel.

Park lights stays on after car turn off on my 2001 elantra?

If parking lights stay on after the car is turned off on a 2001 Hyundai Elantra than the brake switch is malfunctioning. The brake switch turns off when pressed in and if it does not work the lights of the vehicle will stay on.

How do you turn the dome lights the lights underneath the dash when they don't go off after getting out of the car?

check your headlight switch or dash dimmer switch to be sure you do not have them turned on.

What are the extra lights on a rally car called?

Fog Lights, but they usually use 2 versions of fog lights. A "pencil beam" and "driving Light". That is why they usually have 4 extra lights 2 of each. The Pencil beam is a direct narrow beam used to see farther down the road and a driving light is a wide beam to see the sides of the road directly in front of you. A commonly used rally fog light is made by HELLA

Why is the parking light draining the car battery?

If the parking lights are on when the car is off its probably a switch issue.

How do you turn the Volvo xc cross country headlights off?

The headlights are designed to be on all the time as this is a legal requirement in Sweden. It can be bypassed via the ignition switch harness by finding the power supply wire on the switch multiplug and isolating it. Disconnecting it here should not affect the main light switch operation. There also may be a fuse for the driving lights which is separate to the fuse for the main light switch. check the fuse box diagram may be listed as driving lights, aux lights or safety lights. If car is under warranty tampering may invalidate it.

Your low beam lights should be used when following a car by what distance?

in ON Canada it's 150 meters

Where is the reverse light switch on Ford Fiesta flight?

The reverse lights switch on a Ford Fiesta is found on the transmission. The switch can be seen from underneath the car.

Why would car lights flash?

Bad connection somewhere, switch, relay or ground.