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This is because they are furthest from the direct rays of the sun. Even during the summer when they can receive 24 hours of daylight, the sun is barely above the horizon. Since its rays have to pass through a lot more of the atmosphere, they are "diluted" and can heat the surface very little.

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The suns rays reach the earth at the smallest angles at the poles

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Why are the poles the coldest places on earth?

The poles are the coldest places on Earth because of the tilt of Earth's axis. The axis tilts the poles away from the sun so they receive very little sunlight, and very little warmth.

Is tundra the coldest place on earth?

No, The tundra is the coldest place things live in nature.The poles are roughly the coldest place on earthEXCEPTIf you have ever been to Winnipeg, The corner of Portage and Main is the coldest place in the universe.

Why is it coldest at the North and South poles?

Both poles experience extended periods -- six months -- with no sunlight, which contributes to their extreme cold.

What parts of the earth are the coolest and why?

The poles are coldest because they get the most indirect sunlight.

Why are the coldest climates on Earth found at the North and South Pole?

The North and South Poles have the coldest climates on earth because light strikes them obliquely (at an angle) and only for a part of the year. Low sun angles make for less heating, and when there is no sun, it gets cold. That's why the poles of the earth have the coldest climates.

What happens to the temperature at the North and South poles?

Both, the North and South poles are very cold. The South pole is the coldest with mean temperatures at -79F, and the North poles mean temperature is -49F.

Is the climate coldest near the poles or the equator?

It is the coldest near the poles and hottest near the equator.

Why is the equator the hottest and the poles are the coldest places on the earth?

The angle at which the Sun's rays strike the Earth affects the amount of energy absorbed by the Earth.

Why are average temperatures lower near the poles?

Because the earth sits on its axle (side or it's tilted) the poles don't get much sun so the temperatures are lower.

Why do the Earth temperatures differ from the Equator to the North Pole and South Pole?

The equatorial regions on Earth experience about 12 hours of direct sunlight every day of the year. At the poles, there is one sunset and one sunrise per year, which means that for six months, there is no direct sun at the poles.

How does the climate change as you move away from the equator?

As you move away from the equator, temperatures fall. As you move closer to the equator, temperatures rise. Thus, the warmest region of the globe is along the equator, and the coldest is at the north and south poles.

Why are North and South poles the coldest climates on Earth?

At the poles,, there are one sunrise and one sunset each year, which means that for about six months annually, there is no sun there. This contributes significantly to their climates.

Why are the polar regions the coldest region?

Polar regions are at the poles of the earth. When sun shines on the earth the equator being in the center get the most sun. The poles get only a slanted amount of light, in which less heat gets to those areas.

How do temperatures at Earths equator compare to the temperatures at the poles?

The temperatures at the equator tend to be warm to hot (except where there are mountains); the temperatures at the poles tend to be below freezing.

Where are ozone holes located?

Ozone holes are located are the poles of earth. It is because the depletion of ozone requires very low temperatures that can be found out at poles only.

Why do the north and south poles have different temperatures?

Because the earth pivots back and forth depending on the season so the poles never get the same amount of sunlight

What was the north poles coldest temperature ever?


Is earth always warmest at equator and coldest at its poles?

No. The Earth is warm at the equator but the hottest temperatures have not been recorded there but close to the "Tropics" (of Cancer and Capricorn) 23,4° North and South of the equator. The reason is that the direct rays of the Sun "linger" at these latitudes around the solstices (it is a sine function) and have more time to heat up the land there. The coldest temperatures recorded are in the middle of large polar land masses which the Antarctic with the South Pole surely is one but not the North Pole there it does not get as cold as deep in Siberia (15° - 25° further south..

Where above the earth is the ozone layer depleted?

It is depleted over Antarctica. It is because low temperatures over the poles.

Where is it the coldest?

The north and south poles because of the lack of sunlight there.

What areas of the earth have ozone holes?

Holes in the ozone layer occur more often at the Poles, especially over Antarctica, as that is the coldest place in the worlds.

Is Greenland the coldest place on earth if north pole and south pole are not considered?

No, Greenland is quite tropical compared to Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon in Siberia. These two places hold the record for the coldest air temperature outside of the Poles

What is the coldest temperature on Mars?

Temperatures during the Martian winter may dip as low as -140°C (-220°F) at the poles. The usual surface temperature averages about -5° to -87° (23°F to -125°F), and "warmer" in the summer and at the Martian equator.In winter, near the poles temperatures can get down to minus 195 degree F.

What are the temperatures at the poles in July?


What is the coldest temperature recorded on Mars?

As of 2014, the coldest temperature recorded on Mars was -123 Celsius. This was recorded at the poles of Mars.