Why do the popes have to change their names?


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They are not required to change their names. They may keep their given name if they so wish.


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Popes are not required to change their names. However, most of them do following the lead of St. Peter who had is name changed by Christ from Simon.

Popes are not required to change their names and may keep their 'real' name if they wish. Most change it out of respect for St. Peter who had his name changed by Christ from Simon.

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No, the Church has had 266 popes (as of 2013) and all have had names.

There are no popes in Singapore, only Pope Francis in Rome.

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A person who is elected pope (Bishop of Rome) does not have to change his name, but many have done so. It is his decision, and the new name is normally announced to the cardinals when he accepts election.

The pope does not have to change his name but most do. It recognizes that Our Lord changed Simon's name to Peter when he named him the first leader of his church.

No Pope is obligated to change his name. This is a pious tradition (not Sacred Tradition). The practice arose when a pagan convert to Christianity became Pope and changed his name from Mercury (after the pagan Roman god) to John II in 533 C.E. Until then, the Popes kept their original names, from Peter (#1) to Boniface II (#55). Between John II (#56) and Sergius IV (#142) in 1009 C.E. only a few Popes changed their names. But since Sergius IV, it has been common practice for all Popes to change their name when elected pontiff except Adrian VI and Marcellus II.

The most common name used by popes is John. There have been 23 popes named John. That is followed by Gregory with 16. Benedict has been used by 15 popes. There was no legitimate Pope Benedict X. He as an anti pope.

Could you be specific and mention the specific name of the pope you are referring to, please? There are 266 popes, each with different parents.

In recent years names conaining John

There have been 15 popes names Benedict. Please be specific.

There is no list of names. A pope can choose any name he wishes and even keep his birth name.

There are lists of the popes available. However, there is some confusion with some of the earliest popes and their positions on the list. No official record of their papacies remain and historians can only make an educated guess as to what sequence is correct.

Clement, Eugene, Pius, Paul, Innocent, Vincent, Gregory.

Members of the Orsini include popes Celestine III (1191-1198), Nicholas III (1277-1280), and Benedict XIII (1724-1730

Popes do not elect popes. Popes are elected by the cardinal electors.

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