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The Emergency Brake is probably adjusted too tight.

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Well, that could be the case if the wheels don't turn at all. If they only lock up when you apply the brake, it's more likely that the star wheel is what's slightly too tight.


Every time you press the brake pedal, the star wheel assembly in the drums (which the '92 has) automatically adjusts itself (turns out on a bolt). Over time as the brake shoes wear away, this extending bolt pushes the shoes farther and farther out to make sure they stay close enough to the drum to stop the car.


When you do a brake job and put new shoes on, you have to remember to screw this bolt back in, otherwise they're now too close to the drum.


Keep in mind its normal for them to grab slightly until the new shoes set in. If its not too bad it may return to normal within a day. If not, or when you press the brake the back wheels lock up way before the front grabs, or even if you're just not comfortable driving the car, take the car back to the shop and get them to loosen the back brakes a bit.


If you do your own work and are comfortable doing your brakes, there is a plug you can remove on the backing plate and get in with a screwdriver to turn the star wheel while the drum is on. Don't do this yourself unless you're experienced or have the help of a pro. Your brakes are too important.


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Q: Why do the rear anti-lock brakes lock up at low speeds after new brakes were installed on a 1992 Oldsmobile Achieva S?
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