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It appears that you may be suffering from the same problem i had a while back. Have you checked the wires to the alternator or even the plugs because the rev counter on a lot of cars runs of the alternator. Or it could be the alternator on the way out.

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Q: Why do the rpms suddenly drop to 0 when driving on the highway?
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What is the normal RPM range driving at highway speeds for a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee SE?

2-3 rpms

Is it bad to accelerate in a 1996 Camry with 228K on the clock at 3000-4000RPM will this shorten its life or not if so what are good RPMs to accelerate without hurting it?

No no no, 3000-4000 rpms is the average speed for highway traveling, driving too close to the red mark on your rpm is bad

What would cause a rise and fall of RPM while idling in gear?

the rpms should rise and then drop no more then 500 rpms when the fan on the radiator turns on and then off.

Your 1992 voyager does not seem to drop into proper rpms so im 5000 rpm and 65 mph?

If your 1992 Voyager does not seem to drop into the proper RPMs so that you are running at 5000 RPMs at 65 miles per hour, the timing belt might need adjusted. It can also indicate the idle is set too high.

What causes a vehicle's RPMs to rev up while driving?

If you accelerate and the transmission shifts to a lower gear of the overdrive disengages the RPMs will increase. If the vehicle has a manual transmission a slipping clutch will cause the RPMs to increase if the clutch is defective.

Can you drive a truck with no overdrive on a highway the overdrive has to be looked at it is about an hour of driving on the highway?

Certainly. It's been done for years before overdrive became a thing... it just means you'll turn higher RPMs at speed, and you'll want to drive slower if you're conscious about fuel consumption. I had no problems when I took my 87 Silverado with a Muncie 465 direct drive transmission on the highway.

What difference does the ratio make in a limited slip differential?

in relationship to engine rpms a ratio of something like 3.08 would have less acceleration and lower highway rpms compared to 4.11s. the 4.11 ratio would give you better acceleration and less top speed and lower gas mileage at highway speed

Is running an 02 Pontiac Grand AM at 2000 RPMs regularly when driving too high RPM?


How is Tractor trailer down shifted?

If you don't know how to downshift (and upshift) and unsynchronised manual progressive shift transmission, you really need to go to a truck driving school. You're not going to learn how simply by read about it. In school, they'll teach you to drop the RPMs down to 1000, pop it into neutral, kick the accelerator to 1500 RPMs, then drop it into the next gear. It might look simple enough on paper, but you're not going to get this down without some hands-on experience.

What happens if you go too fast in first gear?

If the rpms are to high for to long the engin will over heat and you will drop it

What if your 1994 Cadillac eldorado with a 4.6 northstar dies everytime the rpms drop?

Try replacing the map sensor

Why does your car lose RPM when driving?

If you mean why the difference in RPMs between idling and driving, the difference is due to the engine load; At idle, the engine isn't really doing much other than staying running, but under load (driving) the engine has to put its power out to the drivetrain, hence the symptomatic loss of engine speed (RPMs).

What can you do to get better gas mileage on your 2000 grand prix?

First make sure all your tires have the same amount of pressure about 35psi/40psi(22's). Also city driving is the worst try to get more highway & keep your RPMs under 3(3000)!

Why does a 1983 Monte Carlo with 305 eng loose RPMs when the air conditioner comes on?

The A/C puts an extra load on the engine, so it's natural that the engine RPMs drop slightly when the A/C is activated.

What would cause your 1994 351 engine to increase or decrease rpms intermittently while idling and driving?

air leek

Why does your dodge neon whistle at a low pitch then rise in pitch as the rpms rise then drop again when you change gears only to go through the whole thing again as rpms rise?

If it is the SRT model it is probably the turbo, if not it may be the transmission

92 Toyota Corolla the Idle speed suddenly jumped from 1000 to 2500 rpms when put into park you adjusted the idle screw as much as possible. got it to 1800 rpms. What else can be done?

Check the timing and check that the cable to the accelerator is adjusted correctly.

Is it normal for a 2000 Volkswagon Beetle rpm's run at 4000 while driving 75mph?

No, that is not normal. Should be around 2500 rpms.

What makes rpm erratic while driving and in park?

Erratic RPMs while driving or in park could be due to a faulty oxygen sensor. It is also possible that poor gas is being used.

How many RPMS is an IndyCar?

about 12, 13,000 RPMS.

What is better low or high rpms?

lower rpms use less gas higher rpms have more power

What causes my Jeep Grand Cherokee's engine to surge when idling?

If by surge you mean the batterys volts drop and the engines rpms drop all the vehicles accessories that are on at the time are wanting to draw more amps then the vehicles alternator has to give. or by surge you mean the rpms increase a little bit and if the heat or A/C is on at the same time the A/C pump or clutch might possibly be going out.

How high should i rev the engine for daily driving on a standard 2002 Honda civic 5 speed?

3-4 thousand rpms

Why would a car suddenly lose all RPMs when going down the highway?

If the engine doesn't recover, the timing belt (if applicable) could have let go otherwise it could be a fuel delivery issue (dirty fuel filter, faulty fuel pump) or a restricted exhaust (damaged catalytic converter). If you have a check engine light illuminated, start with checking the codes.

Why does the Kia Sportage at idle read 14 volts and when you raise up the RPMS the voltage drop to nothing?

Alternator belt is slipping. Tighten or replace as necessary.