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Why do the rpms suddenly drop to 0 when driving on the highway?


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2015-07-17 17:41:27
2015-07-17 17:41:27

It appears that you may be suffering from the same problem i had a while back. Have you checked the wires to the alternator or even the plugs because the rev counter on a lot of cars runs of the alternator. Or it could be the alternator on the way out.


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No no no, 3000-4000 rpms is the average speed for highway traveling, driving too close to the red mark on your rpm is bad

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the rpms should rise and then drop no more then 500 rpms when the fan on the radiator turns on and then off.

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If your 1992 Voyager does not seem to drop into the proper RPMs so that you are running at 5000 RPMs at 65 miles per hour, the timing belt might need adjusted. It can also indicate the idle is set too high.

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If you accelerate and the transmission shifts to a lower gear of the overdrive disengages the RPMs will increase. If the vehicle has a manual transmission a slipping clutch will cause the RPMs to increase if the clutch is defective.

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Certainly. It's been done for years before overdrive became a thing... it just means you'll turn higher RPMs at speed, and you'll want to drive slower if you're conscious about fuel consumption. I had no problems when I took my 87 Silverado with a Muncie 465 direct drive transmission on the highway.

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