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Why do the running lights not work on 98 wrangler aLL FUSES AND SWITCH IS GOOD?

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December 01, 2007 4:01PM

Hey , I finally got this problem solved. I had to go through every componet from the battery to the switch. I found that the fuse block (Behind the glove box) did not have battery power supply to three fuses. While checking every inch of the Red wire / black tracer I found it had power leaving the power distribution box ( under the hood ) but not at the first harness connector under the dash. The wire was burnt in-two about a foot from the power distribution box hidden within the protective loom. The wire insulation had been damaged during factory installation and salt water or soapy car wash water ran down the harness causing the wire to corrode without blowing a fuse. Jeep wiring diagrams (cartoons) made this a more difficult to diagnose and find. I am a happy man now! Thanks, Hunter.