Why do the unhealthiest foods seem to be the most appealing to us?

Because they are loaded with fats, sugars and salt. Yummy! LOL It's a weakness most of us can have, but one we have to fight if we don't want to end up becoming over-weight or having serious health problems. I eat healthy during the week, but on a Saturday night I have what I call "a piggy night." This means I eat what "I" want! I can't say the diet I am on (Weight Watchers) is bad at all and in fact, it's not really a diet, but good eating habits. With the fast pace of living it's difficult for many of us to sit down to a good meal or have the time to cook it, but if we're organized it's possible. If you have a heavy schedule then get a good juicer and start drinking veggie juices and fruit juices, but just don't live on that alone for weeks on end. Let us not forget the companies that make those packages look so appealing or the bottles (they do it on purpose) and also the way they can make junk food look so appealing in commercials on TV. Subliminal messages are used in ads on TV and even in movie theaters and have been since the late 60s. If you want popcorn then you sure are going to want a nice cold icy drink to go with it. Why do you think they put peanuts, pretzels and salty foods on their menus at pubs? You drink more!