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Q: Why do the viruses in mumps vaccines not cause mumps?
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Can mumps virus lead to chickenpox?

Mumps and chickenpox are separate illnesses caused by different viruses. Mumps virus does not cause chickenpox, and mumps does not lead to chickenpox.

What bacteria cause diseases such as measles and mumps?

Measles and mumps are caused by viruses, not bacteria.

Do vaccines destroy beneficial bacteria?

No. Vaccines actually cause your body to produce antibodies to fight off a single type of bacteria or virus. If you get a mumps vaccine, your body will have a supply of antibodies ready to go and destroy just mumps.

What do vaccines help prevent?

Vaccines protect those vaxinated from catching the disease that the vaccine is made for, eg polio, mumps, etc. Vaccines are beeing made and developed for a whole range of diseases including those caused by viruses, bacteria and paracites.

What is the smallest microorganisms that causes infections such a chickenpox measles and mumps?

Viruses cause chickenpox, measles, and mumps. However, they are proteins in an envelope, not microorganisms.

Are mumps caused by viruses?

The disease know as mumps is caused by the mumps virus.

Why antibiotics can not be used on mumps?

Mumps is caused due to viral infection of salivary glands. Antibiotics acts only on bacteria. They have absolutely no effect on viruses. Mumps also cause testicle pain in adults.

Do viruses and bacteria cause diseases?

Yes, they both do. The difference is that you can cure diseases from bacteria but not from viruses. You can prevent both kinds with vaccines.

What is the smallest micro organism that cause infection such as chicken pox measles and mumps?

These diseases are caused by "viruses".

What is a killed virus vaccines?

Vaccines made with "killed" viruses are called "Inactivated" vaccines.

Which of these is caused by a virus flu warts mumps?

The flu, warts and mumps are all caused by different viruses. The flu is caused by any of the influenza viruses, warts are caused by certain strains of human papillomavirus, and mumps are caused by the mumps virus.

Do vaccines kill viruses or horrible diseases?

Vaccines don't kill viruses or diseases; they prevent disease before you are infected.

Is mumps alive?

No: Mumps is a virus, and by definition viruses are nonliving, neither dead or alive.

Can viruses be cured by vaccines?

Viral infection can be prevented, but not cured, by vaccines.

Are vaccines used to treat viruses or bacteria?

Vaccines don't actually treat either one. Vaccines are used to PREVENT disease. Most vaccines protect against viruses, but there are some for bacteria, as well.

What viruses do not have vaccines?


What are live vaccines?

Live vaccines are vaccines which are prepared from living organisms. These vaccines are commonly ingested and not injected to fight viruses in the body. .

Can mumps cause sterility?

Can Mumps cause permanent sterility?

Mumps is cause by what microorganism?

Mumps is caused by the Mumps Virus.

What is used to treat viruses?


Who discovered vaccination against mumps?

Maurice Hilleman developed the first effective mumps vaccine in 1963. It was tested and became commercially available in 1967. It was created from live mumps viruses. Before that, starting in 1950, there had been a vaccine made from killed mumps viruses but it was not very effective or long-lasting.

What are some of the recommend vaccines in Canada?

Some of the recommended vaccines for Canada are hepatitis B vaccines for both adults and children. One should also be vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella.

Which viruses do have vaccines?

Polio, Rubella, Mumps, Measles, Human papillomavirus, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Meningitis c.

What are substances made from dead viruses?

Vaccines for the prevention of the specific viral infection can be made with inactive "dead" viruses. They are also made with live, but attenuated (weakened), viruses. See more below about vaccines.

Do you need vaccines in Australia?

You do not need vaccines to visit Australia. It is optional for parents to have their children vaccinated against diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella, etc.