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From the top of your pubic bone to the top of your bump is about the same in centimeters as the number of weeks of pregnancy, after 20 weeks. This will give your doctor/midwife a good indication of how well the baby is growing.

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โˆ™ 2008-06-14 16:46:26
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Q: Why do they measure your belly during pregnancy and what does the measurement mean?
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Can you have a small belly during pregnancy?

you can have a small belly during pregnancy that might mean you will have a small baby

Does your belly button feel different during early pregnancy?

In my experience, my belly button did not feel different during early pregnancy.

Is it normal to have a hard belly during pregnancy?


How do you get a big belly?

During pregnancy it just happens - as the baby grows the belly grows too.

What causes belly bottom pain during pregnancy?

Did you mean belly BUTTON, not belly BOTTOM? Because "belly bottom" isn't a thing.

Why do you have sore legs during pregnancy?

Because of the weight of your belly.

When will you belly get hard during pregnancy?

around twelve weeks

Why does the belly button comes out during pregnancy?

internal pressure.

What if an unborn baby has a big belly?

Many reason for this big belly. do you have diabetes during pregnancy? I IF yes, this might be one answer. Check with your doctor. pregnancy?

By pulling in your belly can you lose your child during pregNancy?

No that wont effect it.

Why some women belly looks big during pregnancy?

The belly is big because inside is the baby growing

When does your stomach begin to get bigger during pregnancy?

Yur "baby belly" wont appear until the first few months during pregnancy. :)

Where does your belly hurt during the first couple weeks of pregnancy?

on my left side

Why does the belly button stick out during pregnancy?

The belly button stick out during pregnancy because when the baby is inside the uterus (womb) then there is a connection(in the tubular form) for the gas exchange and food that is known as placenta.when a woman is not pregnant the its belly stick in or slightly stick out and when the woman is pregnant then the baby baby become bigger gradully due to this the delly button stick out during pregnancy.

How soon will your stomach get bigger during pregnancy?

Yur "baby belly" will not appear until the first few weeks of pregnancy.(:

How many months do you got to be before your belly stick out during a pregnancy?

5 or 6

Why do you get fat during pregnancy?

You don't get fat! Your "belly" expands to hold and protect the fetus.

Is it normal for your belly to itch during pregnancy?

Yes. It itches because the skin is stretching

Is the belly bra just for post-pregnancy use?

The belly bra i designed too provide support for the stomach during pregnancy. You can read details on it and order your very own at

Is your belly hard during the first weeks of pregnancy?

No, it doesn't start to feel hard until 4-5 months of pregnancy

Is there any change in belly during ten weeks pregnancy?

no not normally but some rarly start to get a ver small pouch at the bottom of the belly.

When do you start getting the line from the bellybutton during pregnancy?

When you start getting a big belly. When u have an enomous belly its a girl. If you dont its a boy

Is it safe to sleep on your stomach during pregnancy?

You will hardly be able to sleep if you are on you belly. It will not be good for your or the baby...

When should you remove your belly ring during your pregnancy?

Yes because it could kill your baby

Where is the location of the baby in the belly during the first month of pregnancy?

The baby is down in the pelvis behind the bladder for the first 3 months of pregnancy.