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Why do they not eject from the game any player who cheats like the Yankee who swatted the ball out of the glove of the Red Sox player?


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2015-07-14 16:47:23
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It's not that A-Rod (that Yankee who swatted the ball) was cheating. He was trying to get on base anyway he could because it was an important situation. He wasn't ejected because nobody was injured or threatened. It is simply called an "interference" play and that is why he was called out and Jeter had to return to where he started.

Specific punishments are laid out in the rulebook for incidents of breaking the rules. What Rodriguez did was against the rules, and he suffered the proscribed punishment: he was called out and the other runner (Jeter) had to return to his base. Although I disapprove of him and think what he did was classless, I don't think it was actually cheating. Cheating is trying to do something that's against the rules to secretly get an unfair advantage, like corking your bat or hiding sandpaper in your glove. What Rodriguez was doing was breaking the rules out in the open and hoping the umpire would make the wrong call--like a fielder trapping the ball against the ground and pretending he caught it cleanly.


The play talked about above was not "cheating", it was just an act that is against the rules, which resulted in an out, much like a batted ball hitting a runner. The problem with what Rodriguez did is that he clearly made a swatting motion at the the players glove to knock the ball out, which as mentioned is against the rules, but more damaging to him is it is a played considered by fellow ball players to be completely tasteless and only done by a player with no class. It would be similar to a pitcher throwing a "retaliation" pitch at a batters head. Nothing in the rules states throwing a players head is any different then throwing at his legs, but it is an unwritten rule of baseball that you just don't intentionally throw at someones head intentionally, and only someone with no taste or class does that. (I am not referring to "chin music", as that is a lost art in the game due to the umpires ejecting pitchers)


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