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Cats do not really have nine lives however they do have a higher survival rate due to their good sense of hearing. Their hearing enables them to land on all fours a majority of the time. By landing on all fours after falling from great heifghts and escaping with minimal injuries, it has lead people to believe that cats do have nine lives. Cats like all animals and humans have one life, however they have a greater sense of hearing which lead them to survive falls other animals and humans can not.

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Q: Why do they say that cats have 9 lives?
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Is it Cats have 9 lives?

No. Cats only have one life. They just say 9 lives because cats are so good at landing on their feet!

What do cats have 9 of?

9 lives...

How many lives dose cats have?

Cats only have 1 life. Only in stories do cats have 9 lives. People used to say that because cats are very athletic and never seem to get hurt. Cats are very smart and recover fast.

Why does a cat have 9 lifes?

sorry cats do not really have 9 lives but people say that because if your cats legs work and your cat falls it will always land on its feet!!!!!!!!!

Do cats actally have 9 lives?

No. It means cats have really long lives as long as they are healthy.

How many lives does cats have?


How many lives does a turtle have?

9 lives the same as a cats

How many lives do cats allegedly have?

A cat has 9 lives.

What do People say cats have nine of?

cats have nine lives

How long can cats roam for?

9 lives

Cats 9 lives?

that is just a saying

Why do cats do or don't have 9 lives?

Cats do have 9 lives. I have a cat named fluffls and the next day my friend Andrea found the same exact one..... Cats do not have 9 lives the book I have says so. It's really a matter of whether you believe they have nine lives or not. It's not any of your business anyway, the life/lives belongs/belong to the cat, or cats.

Does a cat have 9 lives?

It is a matter of opinion and belief if cats have nine lives, some say they have proof they don't and it is just a myth, others, like me, say it could very well be true.

What is C have 9 L?

The answer is "Cats have 9 lives".

How long does it take for a cat to die?

Cats have 9 lives, or so they say. :) So, I guess, possibly, for 9 years or something? Whenever they use up all of their lives I guess. Most domestic cats live between 10 and 20 years

How many lives do all the cats have?

how many cats are you asking about? each cat has 9 lives so times 9 by how many you are asking about and there is your answer :0 ;) A cat has only one life, sorry to say, and once it's gone... it's gone. No exceptions.

Who lives longer cat or dog?

It depends, cats have "9" lives but anything could happen to either, like getting hit by a car. I would say a dog

What do cats have that other animal don't have?

9 lives

Is the belief cats have 7 or 9 lives?


What comes in groups of 9s?

Cats have 9 lives

How does cats have 9 lives?

It doesn't, that is an urban myth.

Why do the cats have 9 lives?

cuz 3 multiply by 3 equals 9

Do all cats have nine lives?

All cats do not have nine lives. That is a urban myth. I believe that they say cats have nine lives because cats can jump from very high buildings and climb trees and fall without dying. They are great pets though. No, cats do no have nine lives at all.

5 things that come in groups of 9?

9 squares in tic-tac-toe

Why do people say cats have 9 lives?

ewan ko ang tanga mo kc hind 9 ang balahibo ng pusa katangatanga moh