Why do they start total drama the musical if there is no total drama drama drama drama action?

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there is 1 thing wrong in your ? it is called world tour but they{the competitors} sing anyway the manhunt movie is the total drama drama drama action
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Total drama action?

Total Drama Action (otherwise known as TDA) is the second season of the Total Drama series. Duncan, Izzy, LeShawna, Gwen, Harold, Lindsay, Owen, Trent, Geoff, Bridgette, DJ, Heather, Justin, and Beth will compete against each other in movie-themed challenges for the prize of one-million-dollars. Som ( Full Answer )

Who is on total drama action?

Ok the contestants who are on total drama action are Courtney, heather, lyndsey, Harold, duncan, Beth, Owen, Gwen, izzy, leshawna, Trent, geoff, bridgette, D.J, and Justin. Also coming back are chris and cheff. And hey if u think im lying I'm not. I got all of this info off of total drama islands pr ( Full Answer )

Total drama action characters?

Gwen Duncan Trent Courtney Geoff Bridgette Harold Heather Beth DJ Izzy LeShawna Justin Lindsay Owen

When does Total Drama Action start?

IT will start in January 2009 The show will air on Janurary 17 at 6:30pm in Canada. I got this from teletoon tv guide. this is wikidude354 we are in February and it hasent started!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh please! it's April here and it hasn't started!!! I hear is starts June 15, 09. I hope it he ( Full Answer )

Who are the couples on total drama action?

Well, the couples in TDA are Izzy and Owen, Courtney and Duncan, Gwen and Trent (that last one kinda' broken), Harlod and Leshawna (admitted at the last moment in an Aftermath by Leshawna), Geoff and Bridgette, (only makin' out, bah), and......... Beth and Brady...

Who wins on total drama action?

Heather in certain places. Alejandro is other places. Option 1- Heather wins and Alejandro is so injured he is turned into the Drama Bot. (Robot) Option 2- Heather coincidentally throws Alejandro's person (tiki person) into the lava allowing him to win.

Who Won Total Drama Action?

Total Drama World Tour Order of Elimination 17th Bridgette (None A) 16th Geoff (None A) Teams are formed 15th Izzy (Killer Grips) 14th Trent (Killer Grips) Izzy returns 13th Gwen (Screaming Gaffers) 12th DJ (Screaming Gaffers) 11th Izzy (Killer Grips) Courtney debuts and is put on the Killer Grips 1 ( Full Answer )

Who wins in total drama action?

From what i am hearing it is beth. but i think it should be duncan or justin. NOT OWEN!!!!!! i say it should be duncan becuz hes so awsome

Is Courtney on total drama action?

Courtney is in Total Drama Action but only appears in episode 13. She lasts until the third last episode.

Total drama action winner?

Duncan, because 78% of the viewers viewed him as popular, despite his antagonistic personality. Despite the fact he won, he returned to the next season as a quitter who was forced to make up the songs after being returned by Gwen and Courtney.

How does total drama action end?

The Way Total Drama Action Ends Is Owen Wins By Default. He wins a million dollars and throws ANOTHER ending party.. Beth wins

Who is the total drama action winner?

Duncan, the same person who returned to the following season and got eliminated first. He was also forced to make up the songs he missed after Gwen and Courtney found him in London. If you say Owen won TDA, you're wrong b/c he won TDI. He can't win again because Courtney told Chris about Owen's rol ( Full Answer )

What are the teams for total drama action?

the teams are the screaming gaffers, Gwen(leader)Heather, DJ, Duncan, Harrold, Leshawana. And the killer grips, Trent(leader) Izzy(E-Scope), Beth, Justin, Lindsay, Owen. Bridgette and Geoff got off on the seconed episode for making out to much.

In total drama action who wins?

Supposely(im not sure i spelled that right)they say that Trent wins and that Gwen and Trent break up(I think you can look it up) DUNCAN WINS

Where can you watch total drama action?

If you want to watch episodes of Total Drama Action online, then check out thsi site for full episdoes: http://www.yidio.com/show/total-drama-action

What was the Total Drama Action elimination?

17th/16th Bridgette 16th/17th Geoff 15th Izzy- Grips 14th Trent- Grips 13th Gwen- Gaffers 12th DJ- Gaffers 11th Izzy- Grips 10th Owen-Grips 9th Heather- Gaffers 8th LeShawna 7th Justin 6th Lindsay 5th Harold 4th Courtney 3rd Owen-Semi Finalist 2nd Beth- Runner Up/ Winner in Alternate Ending 1st Dunc ( Full Answer )

What are the teams on total drama action?

They are the Killer Grips and the screaming Gaffers. Trent, Lindsay, Beth, Justin, Izzy and Owen are the Grips. Gwen, Duncan, Leshawna, DJ, and Heather are the Gaffers. The winner is Duncan. (Hopefully, he returns for Season 3 and is the first to be eliminated--by himself)

Izzy in total drama action?

izzy is a crazey girl that makes up names. her first name was e-scope, her other name was explosivo.it has been rumored that she will come back as esquire.

How wins total drama action?

Courtney it comes down to duncan and Courtney but Courtney wins but im not sure how but Courtney wins

Who will be the winner of total drama action?

The season ended about a year ago, and Duncan ( the same person who quit, got captured in London by Gwen and Courtney, and was forced to make up the songs he missed ) already won because people thought he was popular than Beth (Winner in Brazil, Australia, Hungary, and more countries she won in).

Who has won total drama action?

Duncan and Beth were tied! but with some last minute thinking on Geoff, Bridget, and Chris's part, Duncan won the million!!! ~Alina it was a tie but on the last episode if Izzy voted for Beth it would of been a tie duncan won He He. Izzy is soo weird! shes my fave! I'm so glad that she is ( Full Answer )

Who are the people on Total Drama Action?

Bridgette, Geoff, Izzy, Owen, Beth, Justin, Gwen, Dj, Duncan, Trent, Lindsay, LeShawna, Harold, and Heather. Courtney comes in episode 13 titled "Ocean's Eight... Or Nine", when she sues the show. The host is Chris McLean and Chef.

How is Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action different?

Total Drama Island is filmed with 21 campers for $10,000 ([) on an old summer camp (Camp Wahwahnakwa), and Total Drama Action has about half the amount of campers, for $1,000,000, and is filmed on an old movie set. Total Drama Action will have movie themes, while Total Drama Island just had random ( Full Answer )

What are the total drama action couples?

In the beginning of TDA, Gwen and Trent are going out but broke up in 3:10 to Crazytown. Duncan and Courtney went out in TDI but since Courtney is not in the show until ep.13, I don't know if they are getting back together or not. Courtney mistook Gwen and Duncan's friendship in the Aftermath#2 as ( Full Answer )

Who is the winners of total drama action?

total drama action isn't over yet but total drama island first ended with Owen then they had a huge quest where everyone came back for a million smackers but no one won so they came for total drama action mk9008 the winner of TDA is Duncan. The final two are Duncan and Beth p.s go to youtube ( Full Answer )

Is there a total drama action DVD?

no i don't think so but im going to get the total drama island DVD today i think...i hope so maybe the T D A DVD next to it or some thing

Where are the jars on total drama action?

In both corners of the forest, near the submarine, near the toilets (where Linsey and Beth r) and im sorry but i cant actually remember where the last one is

How do you get outfits in total drama action?

In the Best, Game, Ever you have to talk to a character get in their alliance and finish their alliance challenge. Then after you finish talk to them and the first reward you get is an outfit.