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The Alps remain a major tourist draw.

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How many tourists visit Switzerland per year?

Around 63.7 million tourists vistit Switzerland per year.

Where do tourists visit Jamaica from?

country from which tourists visit jamaica

Why do tourists visit Belize?

What are five sites that tourists might visit in Toledo

When is the cheapest month to visit Switzerland?

Either of the "off-seasons" (fall and spring). Towns are filled with tourists in the summer and mountain skiers in the winter.

How many tourists visit Hawaii in a year?

---- ====== ====== about 7 million tourists visit Hawaii each year

How many british tourists visit Spain every year?

i don't know how many British tourists visit each year but there are 45 million tourists visit Spain each year!

How many tourists visit the us virgin islands?

Around 2 million tourists visit each year.

How many Tourists visit the Sahara Desert?

about 20,000 tourists a year.

Which type of tourists visit Paris?

business tourists, families, tourists interested in the heritage and culture etc

What are the cultural needs of France tourists who visit South Africa?

what are the cultural needs of france tourists who visit south africa?

How do tourists visit Antarctica?

Generally, tourists visit Antarctica in ships, since there are no commercial airplane flights to anywhere on the continent.

How many tourists visit Dubai per year?

Around 6 million tourists visit Dubai in a year !!! Its Beautiful ...

What can tourists do when they visit Kentucky?

Visit Abraham Lincolns birthplace.

How many tourists visit istanbul per year?

10 million tourists visit Istanbul each year. Last year broke with 11,6 million tourists. By MCA

How many tourists visit Sydney?


How many tourists visit Malham per year?

75,000 to 100,000 tourists a year visit Malham and up to 4,000 a day

How many tourists visit Bangkok each year?

the number of tourists that visit Bangkok every year is about 12 million people.

How many tourists visit Fort Sumter every year?

The number of tourists that visit Fort Sumter each year are 230,000.

How many tourists visit Melbourne per year?

1.4 million international tourists and 17.3 million domestic, in Australia visit Melbourne 2.7 million International tourists and 7.6 million domestic, in Australia visit Sydney

How many tourist visit England?

About 28,000,000 tourists visit England.

Where do tourists visit in Puerto Rico?

Many visit a Beach Resort.

What are transit tourists?

transit tourists are those who visit another country on another destination

How many tourists visit Egypt each year?

100500 tourists each year

How many tourists visit Iguazu Falls each year?

200,000 tourists a year

How can tourists behave responsibly when they go abroad?

how can tourists behave responsibly in the places they visit