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not very sure.... mayb due to sunlight...

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Q: Why do trees along the highway tend to grow and lead towards the center of the road?
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What is the term used for planting trees along the highway?

planting of trees along the roadside is termed as arboriculture in scientific language

How do you use palmetto in a sentence?

As we drove along the newly paved highway in South Carolina, I spotted a few palmetto trees in the side of the road.

Why did coconut trees bend towards the sea?

phototrophism- the trees lean towards the area where they will bestreceivelight at a greater surface area. plus the sea reflects a lot of incoming light towards the trees

Why trees are planted along the seashores?

The trees are planted along the sea shores because

What trees grew along the shores of green lake?

pine trees grew along the shores of green lake in the book holes

What trees grow along with maple trees?

The Deciduous Forest

Where can you buy trees?

In a gardening center

What very old pine trees grow along pikes pike?

Pines trees

Where is the Trees Of Mystery in Klamath California located?

The address of the Trees Of Mystery is: 15500 Us Highway 101 N, Klamath, CA 95548

What is the difference between a Parkway and a highway?

A Parkway is a thoroughfare with side strips planted with grass or trees. A Highway is just a main road between towns and cities

Where are most redwood trees found?

They are found along the coastline of california.Redwood trees are found in California.

Where are young trees and plants sold?

At the Garden Center

Where do branches branch out?

Do you mean trees? They branch out and up towards the sunlight.

Where do crows lay eggs?

In trees along roads

Is there a glitch on modern warfare 2 to get and stay up in the air?

yes there is, on estate. you go to the radio tower, and get on the roof of the building there. Take a running jump towards the tower, and you should get up. also, on estate again, if you climb up on the fence beside the creek, and run along it towards the trees, and jump right at the end, you can hide in the trees. there is more but i havn't found them yet. let me know if you do.

What can you cultivate along with rubber trees?

Hi, As am an Indian, here they cultivate teak and mahagony trees along the border of the rubber plantation, and many vegetables are cultivated and also pineapple

Where are the redwood trees you can drive through?

North California has several redwood trees you can drive through. Many can be found by following the Avenue Of The Giants highway which is located six miles north of Garberville (which is about 200 miles north of San Francisco) off highway 101.

Which of the following is an example of stewardship towards the environment?

volunteering to help plant trees

What trees are along the Mississippi River?

It depends on what part of the Mississippi it is.

What trees grew along the river nile?

the king terry

What pine trees grow along the Cog Railway route to top of Pipke's Peak?

ponderosa pine trees

Where can you find pictures of softwood trees?

You can find pictures of softwood trees at the library. There are a variety of books about trees. You can also find pictures at your local garden center.

Why should Eucalyptus trees be planted along sewage ponds?

It has been suggested that we should plant eucalyptus trees along sewerage ponds because these trees absorb surplus waste water rapidly and release pure water vapour into the atmosphere.

Why are trees along the river so important?

trees are important alone the river because when a flood flows alone the river the trees will stop soil erosion

Lewis and Clark saw stumps of pine trees along the river. What did they think happened to those trees?