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Why do vaginas smell so bad?

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July 20, 2015 7:08AM

There are two main answers to this. First, just like for me, the genital area retains sweat. Bacteria and yeast love to grow in warm, moist, dark places, including male genitals. Women can also be affected by hormones, menstruation, and sometimes, what we eat. Plus, just like with males, urine lingers in droplets on the genitals and pubic hairs. Guys have just as many bad odors as females.

However, the second answer is (for males or females), with proper hygiene, the genitals should only have a light musky, sexual odor. If a female has white cottage-cheese like discharge, or greenish-yellowish discharge, don't touch, fondle, lick or penetrate--she has an infection! Get to know the signs of vaginal infections so you know what you're seeing. Girls, get treated if you have an infection.

Menstruation can be particularly difficult for odors. As each day passes, there is more "old blood". It gets browner because it is not fresh bleeding. Some girls need to bathe twice a day. They should take care to clean after using the rest room. Moist towelettes can be wrapped in toilet tissue and disposed of with pads.

But like I said, guys' penises and genitals can smell, too.