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Because the cross is a holy symbol.

It is also referred in various areas, that the cross burns vampires, much like holy water and fire.

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Q: Why do vampires fear crosses?
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Are vampires enemies of God?

Vampires are not enemies of god they fear god. in such proof they Die if in light because Of gods Word "Let There Be Light" Also another pice of evidence that vampires fear god. They Die when in contact with holy water and Holy Crosses

What do you call the fear of vampires?

The fear of vampires is called Sanguivoriphobia.

How do you scare vampires away?

You can scare them with garlic, jewelry with crosses on them and crosses.

Are werewolves scared of crosses?

No, only vampires are said to be scared of crosses, but there is no record of werewolves being scared of crosses.

Why aren't vampires fear tomato?

because arent fear vampires instead garlic

Why do vampires fear crucifixes?

Vampires are unholy, and fear the cross because they are made from dark magic

Are vampires really effected by crosses?

Vampires are fictional creatures and will be affected by whatever the author wishes, but holy water, crosses and wooden stakes are the most commonly used devices to ward of a Vampire in Fantasy land. vampires are not real

What are vampires arraid of?

Garlic, sunlight, crosses and holy water.

What cant vampires go near?

Sunlight, garlic, crosses.

What are vampires fears?

a vampires main fear is golden bullets...and werewolves.

What is staurophobia?

The fear of crosses and the crucifix.

What is the fear of vampires?

Vampires fear fire. The only way you can kill one is to burn them, that is there only weakness, therefore they are scared of fire.

What things are dangerous for vampires?

well garlic, holy water, and crosses are some things that vampires do not like. also sunlight

Which things ward of vampires?

Sunlight, crosses, holy water, garlic.

Do vampires fear holy water?


Why don't vampires want to reveal their existence to humans?

If vampires even exist, they wouldn't want people to fear them and out of that fear want to murder them.

What exactly are vampires?

Vampires are undead creatures who fear the daylight and feed on the blood of mortals.

What phobia is the fear of crosses or crucifixes?


Why do vampires fear garlic and holy water and crosses and stakes?

because early authors needed a plot device, and holy water adds a good-vs-evil element to it, if the vampire is like a devil

What do vampires fear most?

Vampire are cool creatures, each in their own level. There are the noble level and there is the pheasant level. They fear the upper class vampires for they have experience and more supreme power. If they want to live, they would do anything. You may not believe in vampires and stuff but I do. This is my answer. Vampires fear is of a cross and golden bullets

Why should vampires avoid crosses?

because_they_should">because they shouldThis is a myth. Real vampires do not avoid crosses. Some even wear them as an ironic statement.

Why do vampires fear holy water?

Vampires fear holy water because according to the legends, holy water burns their skins causing them to be in great agony.

What phobia is the fear of Vampires?

Sanguivoriphobia. (San- gwee - vor- ee- fo- bia) it means litterally, fear of blood eaters. or in other words vampires

What do vampires symbolise?

vampires symbolise all sorts of things, but they represent, in some cases, fear

Do vampires fear of metal?

Vampires are the mystery. They don't exist. It's silly.