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Its like us humans eating food, they need blood to live, and therefore make them strong. I think its how they made vampires drink blood, because they are seductive creatures of darkness, and that's where blood comes in, blood is as seductive as vampires.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 14:05:34
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Q: Why do vampires need blood to live?
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Why do vampires need it to stay alive?


What did the things vampires do for live?

Vampires are alive to live a long life by drinking the blood of human.they still live in some place in the world and still they are alive to drink the blood of human.Check around u may be vampires may be.

Do vampires only drink blood?

Yes:were do vampires live Yes:Do vampires were clothes like us or do there were threds and stuff

What happens to the blood vampires drink?

Vampires need blood to live, without it they are dead! So when they drink the blood it becomes theirs to help them keep alive. Hope that has been a help! ;) That is not true! When a vampire drinks blood, the blood is used for engery to help the vampire hunt.

What are Cobiasco Vampires?

Cobiasco Vampires are vampires that do not feed on human blood or any other blood that normal vampires feed on. Instead, they need to feed on the blood of a werewolf in order to survive (talk about being your finicky eater) == == == == ----

What do vampires live for?

blood and they all so live for wat humans do life

Besides drinking blood what do vampires do to stay alive?

....This is it... yup! Blood is what keeps vampires strong. vampires CAN live without blood tho. Vampires LOVE Garlic btw and we can also go out into the sun, it wont kill or melt us!

What do vampires need to survive?

Basically, vampires need US to survive. We are their daily bread and wine.In twilight, the good vampires with golden yellow eyes are the good guys, which they drink the blood of an animal. The Vampires with the bloodred eyes, are the human blood drinkers.So, vampires need BLOOD to survive!!!!!!You better check over your backside, to see whos behind you in the darkset of nights. !!!

How do vampires stay alive?

They drink the blood of mortals to live

Why do vampires like to drink blood?

Well... vampires need blood to sustain their undead bodies (they need it to stay alive) Only a small amount of vampires are blood suckers. The defining trait of a vampire is something that "steals" life energy.

Why do vampires involve blood?

Blood is food for Vampire bats. Authors have written that fictional vampires need blood to survive but they are just fantasy stories.

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