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Water pipes tend to fracture or crack when an earthquake occurs rather than burst (something bursts when the pressure applied to it's internal surface gets to large and exceeds the strength of the material is is formed from - a bit like if you force to much air into a balloon).

Pipes tend to fracture because the seismic waves make the ground move up and down, backwards and forwards and side to side. This causes the pipe to be bent in differing directions as well as being squashed and stretched. These compression, shear tensile and torsion force will, if they are large enough, create stresses within the pipe wall that are large enough to break it, forming a crack.

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Q: Why do water pipes burst during earthquakes?
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Why do water pipes sometimes burst during severe winter?

Water pipes burst during severe winter because water freezes and expands

How can earthquakes cause pollution?

Earthquakes can cause water pipes, gas pipes, and underground sewers to burst or break, refineries to be damaged, etc. which causes pollution.

Why do water pipes burst during severe frost?

Because water expands when it freezes.

Because of this anomalous expansion of water that water pipes sometimes burst during winter?

Anomalous expansion of water and bursting of water pipes during winter is because ice takes more space than water

Why do water pipes sometimes burst during the winter?

The water inside uninsulated pipes may freeze and expand during a cold winter, pushing opening joints or splitting the pipes, often unnoticed. When the thaw comes, the ice in the pipes melt, and the water pressure returns, and the water is able to spray out through the damaged pipes.

Why water pipes sometimes burst during winter?

In the winter, water pipes can sometimes burst. This is because the water expands as it freezes into ice, and this causes an increase in pressure inside the pipe. When the pressure gets too high for the pipe to contain, it breaks and bursts water.

Water pipes some times burst during severe wintres in cold countries?

water expands on freezing

What are the short term effects of earthquakes?

Many things, like deaths, buildings collapsing, water pipes bursting, power cuts, burst pipes, no signal, contaminated water, fires, landslides, mudslides, tsunamis, and many more...

Water pipes burst in winter Why?

Because when water freezes it expands thus bursting the pipes.

Why do water pipes burst in winter?

because the water inside the pipes freezes which causes ice to be created, which then expands and causes the pipe to burst

During a cold night water pipes sometimes burst What is the reason for that?

They freeze. Water expands when it freezes and the pipe breaks.

What causes water pipes to burst when the outside temperature is 5 degrees below zero?

Water freezes at 0 deg C. As the water freezes in the pipes, it expands and it is the force of expansion which causes the pipes to burst.

Why do water pipes burst when water freezes in them?

Becuase when water freezes, it expands and burst the pipe from the inside.

Why do water pipes burst in the winter?

Ice forms in the pipes. When water freezes it expands a little bit! In water pipes it sometimes expands just enough to split the pipe.The reason why water pipes sometimes burst in winter is because water pipes are full of water and in the winter the air is very cold, sometimes in the UK even 2 or 3 degrees celcius. Because the air is so cold, and the air is surrounding the water pipesDuring the winter, the cold air is surrounding the pipes, which has water. The air turns the water inside the pipes to ice. When water freezes, it expandes. The frozen water expanded just enough to cause the pipe to burst.

Will PVC pipes burst if water off?


Can copper water pipes burst when frozen?

Yes, copper pipes can burst when the water inside them freeze. This is because, when the water freezes, it expands with a considerable amount of force, against the pipe, bursting it.

Why Water pipes burst if the water in them freezes?

When water freezes in (unlagged) pipes during very cold weather, the freezing water in the pipes expands. This can cause splitting in parts of the water pipe, or in forcing open the joints in the piping. When the weather warms, so the ice thaws and the water flows once more in the pipes, so revealing leaks as water pours out through the splits and weakened joints. This is why most burst pipes are only discovered once the ice has melted.

Why do water pipes often burst in freezing water?

Water EXPANDS as it freezes, hello.

What causes water pipes to burst on Subaru?

Head gasket

Why is it important to protect water pipes so they dont freeze?

It is important to protect water pipes so they don't freeze because when water freezes, it swells. If water is trapped inside the pipes the pressure from it swelling will cause the pipes to burst.

Why do water pipes burst when water running through them freezes?

Because when the water freezes it expands.

What are the dis advantages of anomalous expansion of water?

water pipes burst due to expansion of water in colder regions.

What do you call a GENERALIZED NAME who mends water pipes?

A plumber is a tradesman (or woman) who mends burst water pipes.

Why do water pipes burst when the water in them freezes?

Because the water expands! Water when it freezes - - expands. Therefore water in pipes will split the pipes; water in a glass will break the glass; water in plastic jugs will disform the jugs.

Why should water pipes in houses be well insulated so that they are not likely to freeze during the winter?

You gave the answer in the last part - you don't want them to freeze and burst during winter.