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Why do we choose short-term temporary diets to achieve good health for a lifetime?


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It's called "quick fixes" and most people (especially teens) want to see results immediately without working at it too hard. Anything worth accomplishing takes work! Most humans have mood changes and some don't or do eat when stressed out. Many start off well-meaning and go on a diet, exercise, go to the gym and do all the right things, but there are times when life hands you a bowl of lemons and the person will go off the diet. The U.S. and Canada are becoming more aware of healthy lifestyles and governments are cracking down on fast-foods chains. Personally, it's OK to warn the public, but we're all individuals and know the risks of eating fatty foods, too many sweets, too much alcohol or smoking and it's up to that individual to do something about it. Psychologically the word "diet" finishes off most of the dieters before they even get started. It good diet such as the South Beach Diet or Weight Watchers should be called "corrective eating habits" and word diet be obliterated right out of it. When we utter "diet" we feel psychologically deprived of foods that we think make us feel better. Change the way of thinking pattern and then change the body.