Why do we get horny?

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So we can reproduce. A man have to be horny to get a erection and the female orgasm helps to get pregnant. When she has a orgasm the cervix dips down in the semen and helps picking it up into the Uterus.
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How can you get guys horny?

very easily!!! - touching him on his bare skin - showing your "bits" take off your clothes and rub your vagina i promise do all of this and it well do it ever time if that doesn't work sit on his penis with no clothes on and let your butt touch is penis . if he really likes you all you have to so ( Full Answer )

Why do you get horny?

Answer . because you get despreate and watch porn..and then u feel like getting some..sex and ur thingy gets exited

How can you get horny?

For me as a girl I rub my clit and watch some porn. depends if you are a boy or girl. Im girl and I rub my clit, watch porn as last person said, play with my self all over, day fream about doing stuff with guys. The list is endless!

What do you do if you are horny?

masturbation is usually the safest and easiest solution. simply masturbate and try watching some decent porn vids i.e red tube.com or rude.com

How do you get yourself horny?

Male If you are are a Male you play with your own dick or a friends. Female Rub something against your clit or watch porn

What can you do when you're horny?

Male: Just jerk off / ejaculating can do everything Female: Masturbate with your fingers or buy a vibrator it's very good

How can you tell when your horny?

It is different between boys and girls but some common signs are sweating, getting ver flustered, you can feel blood rushing around your body, you can't concentrate . In a boy it's fairly obvious, your penis gets erect.

What do you do if your horny?

go bone a chick or masturbate well if you are a boy its simple. wank yourself. (rub your dick very hard, up and down)and if you are a girl try humping a pillow.have fun you horny little devil.

When do you get horny?

when you feel like all you want to do is have sex but its just a phase that alot of young people use

How do you know that your horny?

If you're a guy, you will see some white stuff come out of your penis, called jizz. If you're a girl you will feel a small tingle inside your vagina.

How do people get horny?

people like men get horny because they think about sexual things such like woman being naked . But theres a sense in your brain which sends signals to your heart then your penis which gets you hyped up and the heart beats faster and faster which makes you horny

How do you be horny?

think about stuff that u like..like hot people or somebody u like or something like that..

What do you do when you get horny?

Bullsh*t you dont have to mastrubate each time you get horny cause you just said boys think about sex like 10-20 which amkes them horny so you wil be mastrubating 20 times a day.

How do you get horny alone?

If you're male, it's easier to get horny by watching porn orreading erotic stories or just touching your penis. If you want tomake a toy get a rubberglove or condom, a towel and some lube. Foldthe towel until its the right length for your penis, and lay it outflat. Put the condom/glove in the middle ( Full Answer )

How do you get women horny?

well personally i get horny when i watch porn, talk to sexy men, or watch lesbians. dont worry i dont do girls well unless the guy im into digs that type of thing because i dont really like to but it is fun(:

How do you get a man horny?

Give him a nice back and leg massage and slowly pin point his penis, and suck it. That is all it takes. I did it thousands of times.

When you get sick you get horny?

This has happened to me twice in the last 4 years. I have tried to find an answer on the web but so far I have failed. SO THIS IS MY THEORY.. When you are sick and your life is threatened the body responds to increase your chances of reproducing and continuing your species. I was sooooo horny I cou ( Full Answer )

How do you know if you horny?

a girl gets horny its because she probably put her finger or a penis or something stick like in her VA j j ( vigana) so yeah and ppl say its good i don't kno y? but yer at the moment im extremely horny i want to have sex everything i see

What can you do to get horny?

You can watch porn, play with yourself, have another partner, role play, use toys, play with your balls, give head, and/or experiment with the same sex.

What makes you get horny?

Our harmons and chemical action in brain, which are secreted coz of visual stimulation, touch, our thoughts etc.

What happens when you are horny?

A lot of things. Getting horny Is being inexplicably turned on, and it's usually pretty easy to get horny

What do you do when you're horny?

You should get naked or even just remove your underwear. Get some pillow and blanket. Put the pillow between your legs and hide it using your blanket. Then you can tickle your vagina with the tip of the pillow. :)) It's good. SAFE!

How do boy get horny?

Firstly we get horny for no reason. Some of the time and second when we see boobs or a hot girl or think about sex, it's not that hard to figure out. Most girls don't know how often we are horny, we are all the time at school.

How do you girls get horny?

Chemically you have to produce a scent that attracts the women. Some people use the smell musk. Physically you may want to perform foreplay.

Is sex horny?

Of course it's horny! Unless you are having sex under duress then of course then it isn't. Sex between two consenting adults can be horny, can be sensual, can be intoxicating at the right time and in the right balance. The balance of the amount of sex is debatable, for some twice a week is enough fo ( Full Answer )

How do you feel when you are horny?

You may feel like you want to have sex (either masturbation or with your girlfriend/boyfriend). In addition u may also feel some or all of the following: -Increased breathing rate. -Increased heart rate. -Erection (males). -Nipple erection. -Body may become rigid. The number of the sym ( Full Answer )

Why are you not horny?

Some people's sexual urges are not as strong as others. Everyone is different. Don't worry too much about it, but accept it as part of your personality.

How does a man get horny?

A man can get aroused from a variety of things, ranging from viewing pornographic material, to simply having a passing thought. The level at which a man gets aroused, or horny, differs largely with age. Adolescents are more prone to arousal from the slightest hint of sexuality, to full on thoughts o ( Full Answer )

How can i get horny easily?

You mean why, or how? The "why" might be that you are a sexual person by nature. Maybe you saw a lot of sex growing up and you need to satisfy your curiosity. The "how" is to fantasize over someone or be in the presence of someone who excites you. Claim it while you can, but be selective and think a ( Full Answer )

How can you get yourself horny?

this IS the internet you can go to porn sites or hentai sites that should help a bit (or a lot ;D)

Is it okay to be horny?

Of course it is. It is a normal part of being human and having hormones.

What can you do when your horny?

Whether you are a girl or a boy the best thing to do is just take matters to your own hand,, masturbate ,, don't try to kill those feelings cause believe me it kills you !!

How do you get me horny?

show you mine lol . watch elephants . touch it . girl or boy . girl-finger but dont use long nail . boys- tug dont make a needle go through your pis whol

Is it wrong to not be horny?

not at-all. its a great sensation that happens to everyone. the younger you are the more fun it is to be horny.

How can you get a man horny?

There is no "one way" to make a guy horny, but assuming that the man in question has a normal interest in the opposite sex . . . . . . Catering to his preference may help, but men like different types of women: some prefer brunettes over redheads, some prefer brown eyes over blue, some short over t ( Full Answer )

What can get you horny?

pics of actresses Jeri Ryan, Kate Mulgrew, Marina Sirtis and/or Gates McFadden nude. find them and more at www.startrekfakes.com

When will your wife be horny?

Your wife will get horny after you get off the computer and seduce her. You should also hit the gym and make yourself appealing to her eyes.

Why don't I get horny?

People have different sex drives. Some are high, some are low, andsome are in the middle.

How to get horny?

Try to Masturbate, get naked and look at yourself in the mirror, or think of arousing or exciting things such as porn, a girl/boy you are sexually attracted to or Watch porn. These will help you get aroused and if you haven't started then start masturbating to keep the arousel level up.There are man ( Full Answer )

How do you get your bf horny?

This only works if you are really close with your bf Tell him your "hot spots" (the places you like to be touched) Guide his hand to them (don't get mad if he doesn't get it right the first time) Tell him what you like when you have sex ( what positions, how long, where, etc.) if you get hi ( Full Answer )

How do you get rid of horniness?

Sadly, you can't permanently. If you're horny, its because of natural hormones in your body. Anywhere from the age of puberty usually into the mid-20's it happens more often than most would desire. Short fix? Masturbation. Overall? If it doesnt go away, It can be a medical issue with the body.

What can girls do when horny?

If they have a partner, they can ask them for sex. If they do not have a partner or do not feel like having sex with that person, they can masturbate.

How do you get your girlfreind horny?

Every girl is different. Do the romantic things she likes and treat her good. Eventually she will be horny. Kissing usually works.

What to do to get your girlfriend horny?

well, hopefully you both are old enough for sexual activities. taking your time slowly kiss her neck and lips. start touching her her breast and most girls gets horny when you suck on her breast while touching her. make sure to use protectionP> -to add to that, you can bite her ear and slowly move ( Full Answer )

How do you be horny by your self?

Lmfao. Anyways, If you're trying to be horny by yourself just do something that will turn you on. If you don't know what turns you on yet..just explore your body whenever you're alone.

How do you get horny for a girl?

Look at her breasts or another one of her lady features. Maybe reach out and touch them a little bit? ... Yeah that's nice

How do you get horny ?

Well I get horny maybe 3 times a month and i go on to different websites and if you look below i will give you i list that can help you get horny your welcome Www.seductivetease.com Www.Rapetube.org Www.3pic.com Www.lust4porno.com and also if you type in google a sex address there should be se ( Full Answer )

What do you do when your 12 and horny?

First go someplace private where there's a computer or internet on your phone. Then roll up a pillow or get a Teddy bear. Then watch porno on the internet and hump the pillow or bear (with or without clothes). I'm against porn because it is against everything I stand for as not having sex until yo ( Full Answer )