Why do we have Easter Eggs?


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we eat Easter eggs at Easter to celebrate new life.

you do not eat easter eggs

Are you trying to say why are there eggs on easter? If so, because the plastic eggs have candy from the Easter Bunny.

Yes Easter eggs are an Easter tradition, they are usually made from chocolate and eaten on Easter Sunday.

Yes, Easter Sunday is the traditional day to hunt for Easter eggs.

Yes, there is Easter eggs in the United States.

You can get Easter eggs from waitrose and cooperative food

The Easter Bunny delivers its eggs at 12am in the morning.The Easter Bunny delivers its eggs at 12am in the morning.

the Easter bunny puts (hides) the eggs for children to find. You don't put eggs out for the bunny. :-)

Your parents lay Easter eggs late at night.

What color are Easter eggs dyed in Greece?

you celebrate choclate eggs on easter because jesus last desert was choclate

Easter eggs can be eaten at any time of the year. However, traditionally, it is suggested that you begin to eat Easter eggs on Easter Sunday and continue to eat eggs until all have been consumed.

some people say that Easter eggs and in particular the rolling of Easter eggs symbolises the disciples rolling away the stones at the entrance to Jesus' tomb. however Easter eggs Easter chicks and Easter bunnies represent fertility,new life,and the reawakening of spring

because he has special types of chickens who lay chocolate eggs at Easter for chrildren.

we hunt Easter eggs for fun and so we can remember Jesus

This is Pokemon. Not runescape. You can't get Easter eggs in Pokemon ;)

Easter eggs are manufactured using chocolate.

The non-believers of God paint Easter eggs and eat them. They also eat chocolate and think that the Easter eggs on the doorsteps in the morning are from the Easter bunnies, which is actually from their parents.

SPOILER ALERT!!!! Your parents deliver the colored eggs to where you can find them on Easter night. Sorry, but, you did ask the question. There is no real Easter Bunny Rabbit that delivers the Easter eggs.

Well, If you didnt get eggs for Easter thats probally cuase you allready went Easter hunting thats why. Oherwise the easter bunny is not real!

Chocolate eggs (Easter eggs) Chocolate bunnies Hot Cross Buns

You should be able to buy Easter eggs in about late March, early April.

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