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We have skeletons so that we don't look like a big glob.

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How much are skeletons?

skeletons are round about 6 pounds skeletons are round about 6 pounds

Do frogs have skeletons?

yes, they so have skeletons!

Do salamanders have skeletons?

yes they do have skeletons they have endoskeletons

Do turtles have skeletons?

Yes, turtles have skeletons.

Do elephants have skeletons?

Yes, elephants do have skeletons.

Do tigers have skeletons?

Yes, tigers have skeletons.

Do spiders shed their exo-skeletons?

i dont no

Do butterflies have internal skeletons or external skeletons?


Do turtles have inside skeletons or outside skeletons?


Do Zebras have skeletons?

Zebras have skeletons, as do all mammals.

What do skeletons eat?

Skeletons are dead, and therefore do not eat.

Does a jawless fish have a skeleton?

Yes, jawless fish have skeletons, but their skeletons are not made up of bone. Instead, their skeletons are cartilaginous, meaning their skeletons are made up of cartilage.

Where are the skeletons are in RuneScape?

There are some skeletons in the wilderness but rev's appear there so watch out there are also skeletons in the varrock sewer

Where can you fight the skeletons on Castle Crashers?

You can fight skeletons at the marsh

Are orangutans skeletons or mammals?

Orangutans are mammals who have internal skeletons.

What is the collective nouns of skeletons?

A drudge or a rattle or a scare of skeletons

What do skeletons represent on Halloween?

Skeletons are the remains of dead people and because Halloween is a 'spooky' holiday, skeletons are quite fitting.

How can skeletons be identified?

Skeletons can be identified as male or female by looking at their faces and/or their pelvis. Skeletons also carry DNA in their marrow.

Which animals bend that have skeletons or without skeletons?

2 easy rlly. the answer is .........

When were skeletons invented?

Skeletons are not an invention, they are part of the cell division process.

What is the ISBN of Skeletons on the Zahara?

The ISBN of Skeletons on the Zahara is 978-0316835145.

How many pages does Skeletons on the Zahara have?

Skeletons on the Zahara has 368 pages.

How do you use skeletons in a sentence?

I hope those skeletons are just decorations!

What do Killer Whale skeletons have that Humpback Whale skeletons don't have?


What is group of skeletons called?

a group of skeletons is called a clutter

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