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Why do we have toe nails?


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May 28, 2013 2:32AM

as you are aware, under our fingernails are thin, sensitive membranes called cuticles, and nails protect these. also, back in prehistoric times, humans had to survive in the wild, and the nails protected their hands and feet as they were running through the forests.

[The above answer is ridiculous. Cuticles are a portion of the structure of the nails, the "sensitive membrane" parts of toe nails are simply the vascular parts of the structures that grow and nourish the nail. To suggest that nails exist to protect the sensitive membranes gets cause and effect backward. The above answer also conflates toe nails and fingernails, as toe nails do little to protect the hands. Finally, to suggest that toe nails protect the feet as prehistoric humans were running through the forests, the answerer seems to be unaware of the simple fact that toe nails are on the top of the toes, and even prehistoric humans ran on the lower surface of the toes. You can run in forests just fine without toe nails.]

We have toe nails to as our evolved version of claws, as our biological ancestors were climbing creatures.