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Why do white girls often date black guys but white guys don't date black girls?

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2013-03-27 00:28:23

Whatever reason a human being chooses to do certain things, any

reason is good enough. Some white people like to marry white people

because they see that the other person looks more like them. Some

people like someone that has slightly different features than them.

Some black men like black women only and some like all girls. Some

like only Asian, although because of the recent history of racism,

people only focus on the white and black and forget that other

races exist. The diversity of life is what makes it interesting.

Some white guys like black girls because most of them might have

what arouses him sexually. Some might feel that a black girl is

more dominant and they might chose that because they themselves are

submissive or the reverse, some black guys like white girls because

they feel that most people that look like that because they are

mostly raised in a different way in their own communities so

therefore they might be submissive. Some just like to show off with

their white girl or black girl. Some white men feel that black

women are trophies, and some black guys feel that about white

women. Some black men feel that a strong black voluptuous woman is

a trophy. Some white men feel that a white woman is a trophy. For

whatever reasons humans choose it is reason enough.


Some white girls date black guys because they believe they all have

large penises and are good in bed.

Also white guys do date black girls, as I myself was married to

a white guy and my current partner is also white.

I believe there are some serious errors in the way most people

think about interracial dating. I don't believe White women are

solely interested in Black men for "large penises" or "being good

in bed." Some have said White men only want Black women for sex,

too. I don't believe that White women, or women from any ethnic

group for that matter, are any better or worse than another. This

is how I think more people are beginning to view people of other

ethnicities. I think it just boils down to curiosity, the changing

face of American homogeny, and preference and has nothing to do

with rehashed, ignorant stereotypes.

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