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because your not used to them being there

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โˆ™ 2011-07-09 05:04:42
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Q: Why do wires hurt when getting them put on to your teeth for braces?
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Why do braces hurt the next day?

Braces hurt because your teeth are moving, they're getting straight!

Does tighterning braces hurt?

Getting your braces tightened may hurt depending how crooked your teeth are and how tender your gums are.

Do check retractors hurt when getting braces?

It didn't hurt when i got my teeth whitened so i don't think it will hurt when you get braces

Do Bottom braces hurt?

Your teeth are MOVING with braces. So, they WILL hurt.

Does getting braces hurt if you have crooked teeth?

Not really The Orthodontist can hurt you putting them in but this is rare. Your teeth can Ache but again this is rare, does not hurt much and will not last long

Does it hurt when you have your braces tightened?

nah its this that the put new wires in i dosent hirt at all Actually, it does hurt. But getting new rubberbands is not as bad as getting new wires!! Your teeth will be sore for a few days but if you take ibprophen or advil or Tylenol it should go away! :D

Do braces hurt when they are being placed on your teeth?

Having braces placed on your teeth does not hurt. As they braces are adjusted periodically, your mouth can be uncomfortable, but tolerable.

Are knew braces supost to hurt when you brush your teeth?

Yes, because your teeth are sore for a few days after getting braces, so naturally it hurts to brush.

Does getting teeth removed for braces hurt?

the doctors normally put anticeptic, and numb the pain

Does braces hurt getting them on?

No, it does not hurt while getting braces on but it is uncomfortable, and afterwards it hurts

Does it hurt when you get invisible braces?

i don't think getting invisible braces are different from getting normal braces and braces does not hurt when you are getting them but when you got them on for a few hours or so it will kinda hurt

When you are first getting braces do they hurt?

when getting braces on! Yes, and no! Yes, because when you first get them It will hurt a little bit! But after a while it goes away! And if u have crooked teeth like me it hurts a whole lot more!

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