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So that they can stay on top of the snow.

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How fast can a wolverine run?

Wolverines are slower than most other mustelids, they can run up to 16 mph.It can run 55 mph.

Why do wolverines move so fast?

because they stay on the top of the snow

Can an antelope run fast?

they can run as fast as a banshee, so... yes

Why can an ant run very fast?

an ant is so small and weightless so it can run fast.

Why do rabbits need to run fast?

They need to run fast so they can out-run and escape predators.

Why do lions run so fast?

There are many reasons that lions run so fast. For example, they have very powerful muscles and need to run fast to catch prey.

Why are rabbits horned with the capacity to run fast-?

Rabbits are horned with the capacity to run fast so that they are able to run fast from their predators.

How fast did you run?

so very very fast

How can dachshunds run so fast?

most small dogs can run really really fast. so, the smaller the dachshund, the faster he or she can run.

Why do rabbits run so fast?

They run fast so they are not eaten. Many larger animals eat rabbits.

How can hamsters run so fast with their tiny little legs?

They run so fast because the tinyer the faster

Are wolverines warmblooded?

Wolverines are mammals, and mammals are warm blooded. So yes, Wolverines are warm blooded.

How can you get a horse to run fast?

You can get a horse to run fast by tapping them in the side with your heel, or by training them to do so.

Why did the tyrannosaurus run so fast?

It enjoyed lunch on the hoof. Most of it's prey could run fast so it had to run faster to be able to eat.

What is an Adaptive characteristic of a deer?

it is fast, so it can run away from meat eaters it is fast, so it can run away from meat eaters

Can a human run so fast that he runs out of his skin?

No a human cant run so fast it could run out of its skin. First of all you cont run out of your skin that's fake.

Why do ants walk so fast?

Ant run so fast because it small

Why do insects have so many legs but don't run very fast?

They are so fast , just human are so bigger than insects,so we feel they are run so fast ,if you were a insect ,you could run very in yout world.But insects in hunman world,they are so small

How fast is steve smith?

he can run a forty in 4.13 so he is fast

Why is a puma fast?

The muscles their legs developed so they can run fast

How fast could a Diplodocus run?

Not very fast, and are big, so they could run about 8-15kph.

Why cant a cheetah run so fast for so long?

A cheetah will not and can't run so fast for so long because when they run 70 mph it causes their blood to pump faster to their heart and brain.So the brain could overheat and perish, that is why they may only run that fast for 2 minutes tops.

How fast can anthrax spread?

it all depends how fast can you run? So fast let's find out!

How do cats run so fast?

cats run so fast because they have special paws that god treated cats with and they have very good skills!

Why does the ostrich run so fast?

So it can escape from predators!

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