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Women's clothes button the opposite of men's clothes because of old traditions when women were dressed by their mothers or nannies. It becomes easier to button when in reverse.

A woman's blouse buttons the opposite of men's clothing because of when women were evailed certain rights in history. When women were allowed to ride horses it was proper for a lady to ride side saddle. Thus she always rode on the left side. This caused a woman's blouse to come open in the wind. So the blouse was changed to button opposite as not to be obscene.

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Q: Why do women's clothes button from left to right which is opposite to men's clothes?
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Why do women's clothes zipper from left to right which is opposite to men's clothes?

Most of the time its to tell men and womens clothing apart.

Why do men's shirts button on the opposite side of women's?

It dates back from to the late 1600's womens button where placed on the left to help their right handed dresser's, and men buttons where placed on the right to help protect them being cut off during sword fights

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from the perspective of the woman who's wearing them- typically on the left

How do you tell a men's shirt from a womens?

The ladies put their buttons on the left and the button holes on the right.

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Which side of a womens blouse has the buttonholes?

Right. Supposedly, women had servants to button their fancy dresses so this arrangement made it easier for someone else to fasten the button. Men's shirts have button holes on the Left, which makes it easier for them to fasten their own shirt.

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Why are the buttons on female clothes on the opposite side as female clothes?

Because of swordfighting. Most people are right handed hence it was easier to menouver with buttons on the other side.Fewer women were swordfighters (sadly still true) hence button placement was less important. It does however make it easier if you are lefthanded and female. Lefthanded fencer not so much.

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