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Because many women are. I wouldn't say the woman has to be stick thin, but slim women. A high percentage of women at some point in their lives have to battle weight problems due to the fact that women carry a layer of fat, while men don't. Over 1/2 of the stick thin girls are either on a starvation diet. Anorexic or Bulimic. The other percentage are slim due to the gene pool. Magazine ads, models, movie stars, etc., all can attribute to the fact that many women simply aren't happy with their looks (facial or body). Most women aren't born perfect and therefore, surgery is high on their lists. Heavier or larger boned women have been coming up to the high ranks and even have designer clothing, etc. Big women can look extremely attractive. I think Queen Latifa(?) is a very attractive woman and look how big-boned and solid she is. A survey was taken in British Columbia and a high percentage of young men said they were tired of the thin girls and those that worried about their looks constantly. They said they wanted someone to go out with that wasn't afraid to "chow down" at a restaurant they went too and also a woman that didn't mind her hair blowing around. Many men thought women that were a little heavier to big-boned women more attractive and liked women "with meat on their bones and something you could hang onto." Yes, men will look at women that are slim and pretty, but if you sit in a mall one day and "people watch" you'll see that a lot of guys just have an average looking girlfriend and some are pretty with average body builds. Don't get depressed over second-guessing men and that they always want the perfect 10 women, because many men also like a woman with a good personality. Marcy

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Q: Why do women always get accused of being jealous of stick thin women?
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