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Reasons why women are in prostitution;

- there are no jobs they are qualified for and they have a family to support. Often the case in poor countries.

- they are forced to do it as in trafficking.

- Some have been abused and sex is the way they find validation. The only way to be able to deal with their past as abused children, they relive it.

- they need money for an addiction. At the same time is the prostitution something they need drugs to be able to handle so it becomes a vicious circle.

- they enjoy sex.

- it's nothing more than a job where you can control working hours, payment etc. In countries like Germany where it's legal and the Netherlands they have a union.


Because they view themselves as rental properties. They think that it makes them more special and expensive. When actually men pay simply for the convenience,because of its availability and because they're easy to use for sex.


Psycological issues, poor parenting, were sexually abused. The source as of all bad things is the devil.

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Q: Why do women become prostitutes?
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Why do women have a higher risk of being poor?

They dont because if they are poor then they can become prostitutes!

What were women's jobs in the pre-industrial period?

They were prostitutes and lived on the streets They were prostitutes and lived on the streets

How many women in United Kingdom are prostitutes?

There are 45lack women prostitute in UK.

What are the main reasons for prostitution?

I assume it's obvious the main reason women become prostitutes is for the money. Given that, the secondary reasons vary but sexual curiosity is a major one. Escort or Call Girl prostitutes motivations are usually different than street prostitutes. Street prostitutes often need the money to pay for a drug habit. Escorts are more likely to have a sexual interest. These comments should be understood in the context that different researchers have different opinions on the reasons women choose prostitution.

What job would a women in the 1800s have?

Prostitute, there all prostitutes.

What kind of women would give herself to a men?


Were there women on the goldfields?

Yes, as housekeepers, washerwomen, entertainers, prostitutes.

Why did Jack the Ripper kill women and man?

As far as we know, he just killed women who where prostitutes.

What types of jobs were immigrant women were likely to hold?

They served as prostitutes.

What was Olmec Education like?

Well they tought their children how to become prostitutes

Was hera god of shepherds?

Hera was the goddess of marriage, women, prostitutes, and bears.

Did Jack the Ripper kill men?

No...he only killed women who worked as prostitutes.

What role in medieval society might women have had the most chance to be powerful?


Did Jack the Ripper kill prostitutes?

At least four of Jack the Ripper's victims were known to be prostitutes, but friends of Catherine Eddowes (including a Mr Kelly who might as well have been her husband) never knew her to be one. Jack the Ripper killed women he found out on the streets, alone. Most women out on the Whitechaple streets alone were probably prostitutes, and prostitutes were easy to talk into secluded spaces, which is what made them ideal targets.

What sort of women did Jack the Ripper kill?

Jack the ripper only killed prostitutes

Does female pay male sex partner?

There are women who uses male prostitutes yes.

Women roles before www2?

Housewives, servants, and prostitutes, unless they were wealthy then they could do what they liked.

What was added to the constitution to gain approval of the anti federalists?

To allow slaves have sex with prostitutes and also allow African American women to be prostitutes. You guys might think I'm Kirin but its true

What jobs did medieval girls have?

For the most part, they were housewives, doing chores or helping out with their husband's business. There were also some opportunities to become a servant, and many women (particularly during hte Renaissance) became prostitutes.

What does trafficking women mean?

men kidnapping young women, getting them addicted to drugs and turning them into prostitutes then selling them to other men in different counties

What was the impact of Jack the Ripper on London?

women were staying inside and prostitutes were staying in brothels instead of the street

Are there lesbian prostitutes?

yes there are lesbian prostitutes as well as gay jiglo's they are just as common as strait prostitutes.

What was the role of Viking women?

the women played the roles of prostitutes and all they did all day was just have intercourse every male they saw and their vaginas turned into waffles

Do you thInk women were important to the success of mining towns?

No. Miners were rough people who fought, drank, and looked for gold. Very few women or families were in gold towns. The women there were prostitutes or did laundry.

In the American Revolution was there prostitues?

As long as there have been armies there have been prostitutes. At that time they were called "camp followers". There were other more respectable women with the army as well, wives of soldiers, who also served as laundresses and sometimes nurses (prostitutes did these duties too, out of patriotism or when business was slow). Washington issued several orders seeking to regulate the activities of the "women of the camp". There were of course urban prostitutes in any town of any size.