Why do women gain weight after pregnancy?

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they are lazy and do not want to diet and excercise. Plus being a mom now, they put the extra time they have raising a family and forget to take care of themselves. When they are under pressure, they eat foods they make them gain weight, because the food is like a stress reliever.
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How much weight should you gain during pregnancy?

Every woman is built differently, which means we all carry our babies different. Some out front, which sounds like you, some in their hips ... it all varies, but is nothing to worry about. The weight gain for an underweight woman would be 28-40 pounds. The weight gain for an average woman would be 2 ( Full Answer )

How much weight should you gain at 30 weeks of pregnancy?

Answer . my dr. told me he likes women to only gain a total of 25 lbs since it's healthier for the mother and just fine for the baby at 30 weeks I would think you'd only want to have gained 16-18 since you gain more towards the end ( lots of puffiness anyways ) but everyone is different.\n. \ ( Full Answer )

Is bloating and weight gain an early sign of pregnancy?

Answer . \nI'm not to sure about weight gain but I was very bloated! My baggy jeans from my last pregnancy fit my waist. I also felt like I was lying on a small ball in my abdomen. But just to be sure you need to contact your doctor. weight gain in very early pregnancy is not healthy.

Gaining weight in pregnancy?

The average weight gain for a female during pregnancy is about 25-35 pounds. . Breast 2-3 lbs. . Amniotic fluid -2-3 pounds . Blood- 4 pounds . Placenta 2-3 pounds . baby around 8 pounds . uterus 2-5 pounds . fat stored for delivery and breastfeeding about 10 pounds

How do you gain weight fast for women?

The recommended way to do this is to eat healthy foods in amounts that are more than your body needs. Eating unhealthy foods would also add to your weight but might harm you in the long run. If you want muscle-mass more than fat-gain, you'll also need to get plenty of exercise. Healthy foods to ( Full Answer )

How can a women gain weight naturally?

A woman can gain weight naturally by increasing their calorieintake. Also exercising and lifting weights will help to make leanmuscle weight.

Second pregnancy weight gain?

Every pregnant is different. However, many women claim that theyshow more in their second or third pregnancy than they did in theirfirst.

How do you not gain a lot of weight during pregnancy?

It's inevitable and unhealthy. You should gain about 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. . blood = 4 pounds . baby = about 8 pounds . amniotic fluid = 2-3 pounds . Placenta = 2-3 pounds . breasts =2-3 pounds . uterus =2-5 pounds . weight needed for nursing and delivery = 5-9 pounds

What are some weight gaining tips for women?

In my opinion, the best weight gaining tip for women is to go for a natural weight gain diet. For more information about ways to gain weight, see the Related Questions section further down this page.

How much maximum weight should I gain during pregnancy?

25-30 lbs. is the recommended weight gain. It depends on what weight you were before you got pregnant. Underweight women need to add 5-10lbs. (35)to that and overweight people need to subtract 5-10 lbs.(15)

Why do women gain weight during pregnancy?

Pregnant women gain 1. weight of the baby (~ 7.3 lbs on average) 2. weight of the placenta (~ 3 lbs) 3. weight of the amniotic fluid (~2.5 lbs) 4. weight of the blood volume (increases ~50%, or about 5.5 lbs) 5. weight of the uterus (grows to 15 times its usual size/weight, gaining ~7 lbs) ( Full Answer )

Why do women gain weight after a tubal lagation?

That's a load of garbage probably just another poor excuse to put on weight as women say when they have had kids. I have had 4 kids and had my tubes tied. I have not put on a kilo however, my DIET stays the same. You are what you eat!!! WOW, you have a lot of nerve saying that and not being in ( Full Answer )

At least how much weight you should gain during pregnancy?

You should gain around 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. All below measurements are just approximately how much weight you should gain in each category. These calculations will vary depending upon your age, height, weight, number of fetus's, etc. You should consult your doctor for the best weight gaini ( Full Answer )

When do you start gaining pregnancy weight?

You may have gained a couple of pounds at the begining but when you are about five to seven months along is when you really put on the pounds because that is when the baby starts to put on its weight adn it needs as much food as possible to be able to grow so this is the time to start puting coco bu ( Full Answer )

How much weight should a woman gain during pregnancy?

you can gain anything from 10 to 50+ lbs. (because of ur belly getting bigger and you become more lazy and tend to eat more when ur pregnat) - its just really hard to lose it after ;)

Do you gain a lot of weight all at once during pregnancy?

You gain weight over time. As the baby grows it gains weight...as you consume food for yourself and the growing baby which may result in high fatty content entering your body...this means even more weight gain...so unless you plan to eat a massive amount of food to stock up for your baby. The answer ( Full Answer )

What is the expected weight gain during pregnancy?

you child should be at least 5lbs or more at birth the you have the sac the baby in inside of you which have the placenta and fluid which the baby need 25lbs or more each month at first you should gain 1lbs towards the end of your pregnancy around 7months your start maybe gaining 1 to 2lbs by ( Full Answer )

How long before gaining weight in pregnancy?

I'm on contraception pills, and i think I'm pregnant?? i keep on feeling sick- feel like throwing up???, week, and I'm due to have my period by next week or the week after, but I bin having vaginal bleeding???

Do women gain weight during their period?

no. but when you're on your period, most women crave chocolate and sweet things. so avoid the sweet things, then you wont gain weight on your period.

How much weight do you gain in the first few weeks of pregnancy?

2kg's but it was also Christmas to that was a factor too! Most women gain a couple pounds of water weight in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Since the baby to be only weighs a couple ounces weight gain early on is minimal.

How much weight should you gain at 18 weeks of pregnancy?

How much weight you gain during your pregnancy depends on how much you weighed prior to getting pregnant. If you were at a healthy weight prior to getting pregnant, you should gain 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. This breaks down to 1-5 pounds during the first trimester, and approximately 1 pound a w ( Full Answer )

Is pregnancy cause gain weight?

yes usually you gain weight when your pregnant because of the baby inside you and most women gain weight till 3 weeks after birth

How is it possible to not gain weight in pregnancy?

It is a necessary biological response for a woman to gain weight during her pregnancy. The weight is added from fat that holds nutrients and water that both provide for and protect the baby. It is not possible to not gain weight during the pregnancy without harming the baby, but there are ways to lo ( Full Answer )

Why is gaining too much weight during pregnancy a problem?

Well to some people it is but not really a problem you need to gain weight so your baby can take all nutrients in what you eat but if you really think it is a problem eat something healthy like fruits and veggies

Am I gaining weight too fast during pregnancy?

This is my first pregnancy and I am 15 weeks. I have gained 17 lbs so far. It seems like a lot for such a short amount of time. I was 129 before I got pregnant and now 146. I read that you should gain about 2-4 lbs in the first 3 months and 1 lb each week after.

What is the normal weight gain during pregnancy?

Normal would bë about 2 + stones but dnt wana scare no 1 as evryones body is different,,,my advice is lots of walking while ur pregnant..dnt worry too much as the weight wil come off

How to reduce the weight gained after pregnancy?

I gained 60 pounds when I was pregnant...After I had my daughter , I was still 160 pounds, my overeating habits didnt diminish overnight, I actually gained a few more pounds the following weeks..Then I decided enough is enough ..Every morning i would put my daughter in her stroller and go for a long ( Full Answer )

Could acid reflux during pregnancy cause weight gain post pregnancy?

No acid reflux don't have any effect like that whether you are pregnant or not. Acid reflux if you are not pregnant can be a sign that you are eating too much, too fatty or too spicy. The acid in the stomach can't break it down and the "mouth" of the stomach wont close properly.

What is the recommended weight gain for pregnancy?

The healthiest weight would be to gain two pounds a week. Which is a total of 80 pounds! Seems scary, but if you stay on a steady healthy diet, it will all fall off after the baby gets here.

How much weight gain during pregnancy is normal?

The amount of weight you gain during pregnancy may depend on the weight you were before pregnancy, it also varies heavily for different people. A woman of average weight should gain approximately 25 - 35 pounds during pregnancy, underweight women often gain 28 - 40 pounds whereas overweight women ma ( Full Answer )

What is the ideal range for pregnancy weight gain?

The ideal range for preganancy weight gain is generally considered to be 1.5 to 2.5 stone. However, this will vary for a women who is especially underweight or overweight.

Is Accumass weight gain powder helpful for weight gain in women?

Yes, you can useAccumass weight gain powder as it is helpful in both male andfemale. Accumass contains the blend of 18 herbs which are timetested optimum sophisticated natural herbs. For optimal experience,Use Accumass Ayurvedic weight gain capsules along with AyurvedicWeight Gain Granules. It help ( Full Answer )