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Why do women have abortions when they can just give the child up for adoption?

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The honest truth, more minority races have abortions than white women, couples looking to adopt are usually rich, white couples. The rich white couples only want a little white, blonde hair blue eyed baby.

Being pregnant is a drag. It's physical torture, it really is. Some people would rather get it over with sooner than later.

And in addition to the medical problems, pregnant woman have trouble with the job market, ending up unemployed or without maternity leave and aren't supported.

2007-06-19 17:34:59
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2016-03-23 16:07:25

because having an abortion to them is faster! and i personally think that's wrong to have an abortion. sometimes they wont want anybody to know that they had a child

2016-03-23 16:07:25
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How much percent of women can't afford abortions?

There are no numbers on that since some have the babies and keep them, give them up for adoption or have illegal abortions.

Can you give up your mentally challenged child for adoption?

You can give it up for adoption, but who will come forward to take it.

How do you give child up for adoption in the state of virginia?

You contact a adoption agency and they will help you.

Can your parents legally make you give up your child through adoption after you have it when you are sixteen?

No, they can not legally force you to give up a child for adoption and neither can they force you to have or not to have an abortion.

If you're married can you give a baby up for adoption?

Yes a couple, married or not, can certainly give their child up for adoption.

Did Nicki Minaj give her child up for adoption?


How is it that blood test and home pregnancy test kit shows conflicting result after a month from using Cytotec?

Because cytotec is known to cause abortions and that is why it should not be taken by pregnant women. But if you took it wanting to abort the child and if you are still pregnant then it may be meant to be. If you don't want the child you can give it up for adoption. Good luck and God Bless:)

You want to give a child to adoption how do you do that?


Does everyone have a mother?

Biologically, everyone has a mother. But some women can't raise a child and give it up for adoption. Some mothers die and the child is raised by someone else.

How can Planned Parenthood help with abortions and adoption?

Planned parenthood is primarily a health care provider specializing in sex education, reproductive health care, and and information on birth control and STD prevention. Although they are not an adoption agency they are very supportive of women who choose adoption and can direct you to the appropriate local resources in your area. We all have many important decisions to make in life. What to do about an unplanned pregnancy is an important and common decision faced by women. In fact, about half of all women in the U.S. have an unplanned pregnancy at some point in their lives. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, and you do not want to have an abortion or be a parent, you can give birth and let someone else raise your child. This is adoption. It is a permanent, legal agreement in which you agree to place your child in the care of another person or family. Women choose adoption because they care about themselves and their families or their future families. === ===

Can someone give their child up for adoption to her grandmother?


Can you give your child up for adoption at one month?

mothers can

Did Selena Gomez give her child up for adoption?

She has never been pregnant or had a child.

Can you give your baby up for adoption to someone you know with out going through and agency?

Yes, you can give a child up for adoption without going through an adoption agency. It's called a private/independent adoption.

If you give up a child for adoption and you die intestate will the child you gave up get any of your assets?


Can you adopt your child back after you gave her up for adoption?

You can only apply for that if they give up their parental rights and she is up for adoption.

Did Whitney Houston give up a child for adoption?

No, Whitney only had one child, her daughter Bobbi.

Why do parents give their child up for a adoption?

because they know there bad parents

Can an unwed mother give child up for adoption without the father's consent?

No she can not.

In Fable 3 how do you put your child up for adoption without divorcing your wife?

You do not. You can adopt a child, but not give them up.

If pregnant by a family member should you give your baby up for adoption?

if you giving for adoption baby pls give me I'm married and don't have child my id

Should people give their children up for adoption?

If the parents are unable to care for the child accurately, adoption is a great alternative. Adoption allows the mother to carry out her pregnancy and also provides an opportunity for another family to receive a child of their dreams.

Did Elizabeth Taylor give up a child for adoption in 1955?

Yes. Her name is Meg

Can an illegal alien give a baby up for adoption and will an adoption agency help with that process?

Call Planned Parenthood and ask for assistance with finding adoption agencies in your area. there are many people looking to do priv ate adoptions. that is one easier way to go about adoption. ANYONE CAN GIVE UP A CHILD FOR adoption.

Can a adoption still happen if the father won't sign his rights away?

No, the father, can take custody of the child but this does NOT take custody away from you just because you wanted to give your child up for adoption.