Why do women have trouble getting over verbally abusive men?

It's hard for a woman to get over a verbally abusive man because the abuse was directed at her self-esteem and self-confidence rather than her physically. People look at a woman who's been physically abused and they can obviously see the injuries caused by the abuse, but with verbal abuse it's different because no one can see that you've been continuously that you're ugly, stupid, not worth the time of day, no one will ever love you and that the abuser is all you deserve. You believe it. You end up feeling so degraded that you can hardly function because it's all you've been told by someone who says they love you. To heal from verbal abuse a woman has to first get away from the abuser which is hard, then seek counseling where she can gain her self-esteem and self-confidence back. Then she must realize what was it that made her susceptible to an abuser in the first place. It takes years for a woman who has been abused to fully heal, but more so with psychological and verbal abuse because they are directed at the woman's mind and she begins to doubt herself. Only about 1 out of 2000 women abused are abused in just one form.