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It's hard for a woman to get over a verbally abusive man because the abuse was directed at her self-esteem and self-confidence rather than her physically. People look at a woman who's been physically abused and they can obviously see the injuries caused by the abuse, but with verbal abuse it's different because no one can see that you've been continuously that you're ugly, stupid, not worth the time of day, no one will ever love you and that the abuser is all you deserve. You believe it. You end up feeling so degraded that you can hardly function because it's all you've been told by someone who says they love you. To heal from verbal abuse a woman has to first get away from the abuser which is hard, then seek counseling where she can gain her self-esteem and self-confidence back. Then she must realize what was it that made her susceptible to an abuser in the first place. It takes years for a woman who has been abused to fully heal, but more so with psychological and verbal abuse because they are directed at the woman's mind and she begins to doubt herself. Only about 1 out of 2000 women abused are abused in just one form.

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Q: Why do women have trouble getting over verbally abusive men?
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Why are men verbally abusive to women?

They aren't you feminist retard. Women can be abusive and so can men so get stuffed

Did Alec Baldwin abuse women?

He was verbally abusive to his daughter but there's no valid info about him being physically abusive.

Who is more abusive men or women?

Men, because they are stronger than a women when they are a adult. It would depend on what you mean by abusive, as women can be more abusive verbally, which could result in a man getting physical. Cases where women are physically abusive, don't tend to be reported, as it is embarrassing for a man, also many believe they wouldn't be taken seriously.

Will a verbal abusive woman continue to abuse in each relationship?

Generally a verbally abusive woman has control issues and she will carry them into most relationships. However, there are a few women that are verbally abusive to one or more men, but may meet a man that she is not verbally abusive to as they are better suited for each other.

If a mother is in an abusive relationship has 2 kids can she leave the state without getting in trouble?

No! She needs to go to women's shelter and to court.

What do you all think about a man who is verbally abusive to a women do you think they could change?

If he is willing to, possibly. If not, not a chance.

What do guys think of women who are verbally abusive and swear all the time?

That's they aren't good for a relationship and certainly not good for a child

Are there books and videos available for verbally abusive men who want to change?

* The best way for an abused man to move on from a verbally abusive relationship is to seek counseling. Just like women, men may have lost their self respect; feel demeaned and ashamed (they are suppose to be the stronger sex) and he needs to find out why he stayed so long in the abusive relationship. Without proper counseling just like women, men can choose another abusive partner in the future and don't have the tools to tell when rag flags go up that the person they are with is controlling at best and the worst .. verbally or even physically abusive. Men have been brought up to not hit women, so it is very often hard for the man to make sense as to why he put up with the abuse for so long. Men can be victims of abuse too and they should not blame themselves.

Male and female who are more corrupt?

Males abuse or sexually abuse their children more than women, but there are a few cases where women sexually abuse their sons, but can be verbally or physically abusive by slapping, shoving towards their children.

What is the percentage of abusive men over abusive women?


What are some ways women get abused?

phisically or verbally.

What do you do when your boyfriend makes you choose between him or your friends?

If your friends are a good lot and not always into trouble, then you have on your hands a "control freak!" This is not good news for you and will only get worse. This is the first sign of abusive behavior in men (women can also be abusive in this manner.) Run!

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