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Why do women pretend like everything is fine in the relationship and then suddenly break-up - many times with no explanation?


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Usually women like to avoid confrontation and hurting other peoples feelings so they won't say what is bothering them. Unfortunately, they do this to the point where they get annoyed or hurt by everything and anything that you do or say so they end up just breaking it off. It's not the best way to handle things, but that has been my experience with the matter.


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The breakup of a relationship. Since the breakup, the woman is now out of his life. Get it?

To talk about her feelings to a close friend of hers to help process everything that happened in the relationship so she can start healing and get over it.

Slap! the fellow or write a letter

If you have listened to her latest album, it is all about her latest breakup. Because it was a very hard time for her. So I'm assuming she isn't in a relationship because of the really hard breakup.

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That he actually cared about you and was happy with your relationship.

it depends , if its your relationship, breakup with the person . if its someone eles , leave it alone and let them figure it out

He's lost interest in the life he used to have being in a relationship. After a breakup, people tend to be either bitter or sad, rarely happy. It's normal for him to feel this way, after all, it was a breakup.

A Christian song that can be related to a relationship breakup is How to Save a Life by The Fray. However, this song is not intend to be a relationship breakup song. It is usually interpreted this way by non-Christians.Most Christian songs do not talk about relationship breakups because their songs are related to Jesus and His Word, or Christian trials.Although some songs are about a loved one possible losing faith, which can be related to a breakup song.

You can't force her to stay. But if she loves you, she will stay.

They mean all the same things - in the final round your relationship is over.

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Broken relationship between a boy or girl who loved each other.

It wont be right to break up another relationship, unless the relationship is sinful. But to breakup a sinful relationship, it is best to communicate with the parties involve.

Probably... It depends upon how deeply he loves his partner...

he probably has something on his mind.either he wants to breakup or plannng to propose to you.

"It's not you, it's me" is told to someone that you are ending a romantic relationship with, to tell them that the reason for the breakup is not something that they did wrong, it is a problem that you are having with the relationship. This is done so that the breakup does not appear to blame the other person, which would put them on the defensive and/or start an arguement.

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because selena gomez had a another relationship with another boy...

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You are interfering. Mind your own relationship.

Until you got over the last relationship and when you are ready.

Tempestuous is an adjective related to the word tempest. For example, "Their tempestuous relationship meant that their breakup was inevitable."

Well, if you don't have feeelings for her then maybe you should breakup. When you tell her why, she'll have to understand that you just don't feel the way you used to in the beginning.

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