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Because periods are controlled by hormones from your ovaries and form in your uterus. When you get your tubes tied it just severs the path the egg takes but everything else is still intact. A partial or full historectomy or menopause will stop periods permanantly.

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Q: Why do women still have periods after having their tubes cut and tied?
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What can stop women from having babys?

They can get their tubes tied.

Can you be pregnant but still have normal periods?

Some women still have periods while pregnant but it is not common.

Do sterile women still have periods?

yes , they do.

Could I be pregnant at age 47?

As long as you are having periods (even sporadic periods) you can get pregnant. Even though women are into menopause they can go several months to a year before having another period and still get pregnant.

Do women have a period if have hiv?

HIV does not prevent women from having periods. If a woman was getting periods before getting HIV, periods are likely to continue until menopause.

Are women fit to run companies when they are having their periods?


Does Madonna still have periods?

Well i really don't know, but that depends on her body. Most women stop having there periods around the age of 45-54.So she either had menopause, is going through it, or stop having her period already.

Can you be pregnant after having two normal periods?

some women have their periods throughout the whole pregnancy. get tested!

Why you still have period and get pregnant?

Women don't actually have periods while they are pregnant. Women often exprerience irregular bleeding and/or spotting during pregnancy which may make women think they are having a period when they really are not.

Do you bleed if your tubes become undone after tubal ligaton?

No. Tubal ligations do not affect your periods. though some women find their periods get heavier. Tubes dont really become undone. usually they are cut tied or burnt (or all!) or clamped.

Can you have a baby if you had tubes tied?

No. Getting your tubes tied means you are no longer releasing eggs each month. No egg = no pregnancy. Your body still releases eggs it's just that having your tubes tied blocks the sperm from connecting with the egg. I have heard of many women getting pregnant after their tubes have been tied.

What are the chances of women having health problems after having there tubes burned such as thyroid problemsgraves diseases?

There is no relationship to Grave's Disease and tubal ligation. There is no know relationship to any disease from having your tubes tied or burned.

Why do women stop their periods after 40 age?

Most women still have periods after 40. When they do lose their period, it's called menopause. Women lose their periods because they are past the age where it is safe for their bodies to have children and periods prepare a woman's body to have a child.

Can women have periods when she is pregnant?

not technically, but she can still experience vaginal bleeding

How can a women release an egg with her tubes cut and tied?

Yes; hence, she still has a period.

If a women is not having her periods does it mean she is pregnant?

no sometimes your body just likes a break

Is women get pregnant when she is having periods?

No. Women can not get pregnant while they have their periods because here is no egg cell to be fertilised by a sperm cell. The egg cell is getting through the linning of the uterus.

Why do women still get their perirds after they have their tubes removed?

A woman still gets a period after having her tubes removed or tied because she still has her ovaries which is what cause her to have a menstrual cycle. She still has her womb as well, and that is where the blood builds up, waiting for the body to signal that a pregnancy has not occured. If the womb has been removed and the ovaries left in place, the woman will not bleed but will still feel normal cyclical monthly changes.

How can a women get pregnant if she irregular perid?

A woman can still ovulate and have irregular periods.

What are the chances of a girl having her period during pregnancy?

It is still possible. Though not very likely, but some women still do get their periods while pregnant. If you have had unprotected sex then i would take a test just to be sure.

Do lady have a period when they have hiv?

HIV does not prevent menstruation. Women with HIV still have periods.

During the nine months do women still see their menstrual cycle?

Normally, women do not have periods or bleeding during pregnancy.

What is tubectomy?

A tubectomy, or tubal ligation, is a surgical sterilization method in women involving clamping and blocking, or severing and sealing the fallopian tubes. This is commonly called having the tubes tied.

Is it possible to bleed heavily with clots and not lose the baby?

Of course if you are pregnant and still having heavy periods it's always best to discuss this with your doctor. I am not positive on this, but I believe it's still possible you can have the baby. We/our bodies are all a little different - some women have a couple periods after becoming pregnant, some have periods the entire time, while some have spotting. I read somewhere that women who still have periods while pregnant have a 50% chance of losing the baby. I also read that most miscarriages occur within the first trimester. So, unfortunately, if it was me I would not get my hopes up if the pregnancy is early on, and still having periods (just in case of a miscarriage). If you or a friend is experiencing this, I urge you/them to bring this up with a doctor ASAP so they can see what's happening and discuss it with you/your friend.

You want to have a child but you had your tubes cut after your last daughter tell you can you still have a child again?

There is a procedure called Tubal Ligation Reversal which would reverse the effects of having your tubes tied. It cannot be performed on all women and isn't always effective on the women on whom it can be done. The pregnancy rate after a reversal is between 40 percent and 85 percent.