Why do women tease men and act like they are attracted to them and then break their heart?

They're just trying to have fun. It's you that takes it seriously, which I think is the problem. Just flirt back casually without falling head-over-heels in love. It's you that's letting them 'break your heart'.


Immaturity or outright meaness. Learn how to spot these types of people and stay away.


maybe they are not trying to tease you - - - - it may be their personalities!!! i am a natural flirt and i dnt do it 2 get attention or 2 'break guys hearts' or even to make them fall for me!!! itz is jst how i am... and im proud of it... im NT sayin tat every flirt is jst tat way cuz of their personalities but some are... cut a bit of slack!!!

XxX Mwah XxX