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They're just trying to have fun. It's you that takes it seriously, which I think is the problem. Just flirt back casually without falling head-over-heels in love. It's you that's letting them 'break your heart'.

AnswerImmaturity or outright meaness. Learn how to spot these types of people and stay away. Answer

maybe they are not trying to tease you - - - - it may be their personalities!!! i am a natural flirt and i dnt do it 2 get attention or 2 'break guys hearts' or even to make them fall for me!!! itz is jst how i am... and im proud of it... im NT sayin tat every flirt is jst tat way cuz of their personalities but some are... cut a bit of slack!!!

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Why do women tease?

Women tease cause its fun watching guys squirm sometimes.AnswerIt's a power trip at the man's expense.

Are straight women attracted to lesbians?

No. By definition, straight women are only attracted to men.

Do India women attracted to white men?

are india women attracted to white men

What percent of women break mens heart?

i'd say about 102% do. they're evil

Why are guys attracted to women?

its not us guys that are attracted to them its our d**ks that are attracted to women:P

What does hedro sexual mean?

That's heterosexual. Heterosexual means being attracted to the opposite sex (men being attracted to women, women being attracted to men). As opposed to homosexual, which means being attracted to the same sex (men being attracted to men, and women being attracted to women). The prefix "hetero" means "different," and "homo," means "same."

Who is attracted to both women and men?

People who are attracted to both men and women are classified as being bisexual though they may not necessarily be attracted to both equally.

Are women attracted to men who enjoy watching cartoons everyday during their spare time?

Not all Women will be attracted.

What are features of lesbians?

Lesbians are women who are emotionally and physically attracted to other women. This is the only feature of being a lesbian.Lesbians are women who are physically and emotionally attracted other women. This is really the only feature of a lesbian.

Why do some white women date African Americans?

Some women are attracted to African Americans and others are not. If a women dates, then it is because she is attracted to the man she is dating.

What is the difference between lesbian women and bisexual woman?

The difference is that Lesbian Women only are attracted to females and Bisexual Women are attracted to both females and males.

Who are attracted to Capricorn man?

Capricorn women Capricorn women

What makes women tease men?

because they like you or they are just jealous of you

Are cats attracted to pregnant women?


Are you a pig if you are attracted to women in bikinis?

No. In fact, I rather suspect pigs are more attracted to other pigs than they are to women in bikinis.

Does Lady Gaga love other women?

Lady Gaga is bisexual. She is sexually attracted to women, but is also sexually attracted to men.

Are Pisces male attracted to Taurus women?

They can be attracted to Taurus women. They're a great match, and seem to communicate pretty well.

What can i do to check myself i am a lesbian or not?

Lesbians are women who are sexually attracted to other women most or all of the time. If you are primarily sexually attracted to other women, you are a lesbian. Enjoy!

What are lesbinas?

If you mean lesbians, they are women who are attracted to and/or have sex with other women.

Are Caucasian lesbians attracted to black women?

Some women are, yes.

Can a woman be sexually attracted to another woman?

Yes, some women are sexually attracted to other women. Homosexuality is a sexual orientation in which a person is attracted to people of the same sex. Bisexuality is a sexual orientation in which someone is attracted to both males and females.

How can you tell if your wife is attracted to other men?

All women are attracted to other men, just as all men are attracted to other women. People don't stop being attracted to other people just because they're in love with someone.

Why the bhakti movement attracted women?

by yoga

Are most women mainly attracted to money?


Why women attracted easily to a man?

Women should really be attracted to man. A woman should not be attracted to another woman.(lesbian)TheSame thing as a man should not be attracted to another man.(gay/homosexual). Why are women attracted to man. Because, it is most likely for a man to meet the emotional needs of a woman. Although most of the times it leads to deeper relationships.

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