Why do women who were sexually abused by their fathers not understand about commitment and when they get a man that is caring why do they still have sex with other men?

My personal thoughts would be because the abused woman in question associates that bad behavior with masculinity or a "fatherly" figure. Especially if the abuse was going on during the sensitive developmental stages of her youth. She may possibly be desensitised to sex in the personal and intimate way the majority of women see it. Because of her hardship she may devalue sex or devalue herself, possibly both. I know that some abused women subconsciously want to be treated aggresively or badly. Unfortunately, issues such as these are rarely sorted out unless the victim is ready and/or willing to accept help. Then again, perhaps this particular person is resolved with their past and a problem might lie in your specific relationship with her. Some women get a sense of feeling smothered or boredom if a man persues them too obsessively/aggressively. The best advice I could give is for as much communication between yourselves as possible. Remember to remain calm but not soft. Stand your ground and be firm with communicating your feelings and/or opinions, while not seeming angry or impatient.