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I have been experiencing the same problem. when it rains, the worms come to the surface to prevent drowning in the flooded soil. They aren't terribly bright and often fall into the pool and drown. what I don't get is how they are ending up in my pool which is surrounded by a screen enclosure. I have read that adding limestone to the soil surrounding the pool will discourage the pests from entering the area.

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WHY ARE THERE worms in a gunite swimming pool?

Worms come out at night and on cloudy, darkened days. When they travel across the ground and end up in the pool they drown and collect there. Unlike crickets, spiders and other insects, worms lack the ability to swim to a place where they can get out of the water

What are pool worms?

Pool worms they come from the trees and blow into the pool. Keep up on the chlorine, make sure the levels are right and use the pool cover when it is not in use. The chlorine will eventually kill them and they will be filtered out.

Removing stains on vinyl salt water pool liner?

I have a build up of salt on my pool liner in the deep end of my pool, how can I get this broke up to clean my pool.

What happens if a salt water pool dries out?

You end up with a lot of salt on the bottom of the pool.

How do birds dig worms out of the ground?

They stamp around on the ground and the vibration's made by them stamping around makes the worms think rain is falling they come up and the birds get them

Why does Pool turn green after rain?

The rain is picking up pollen out of the air and it's feeding the algae. Shock it and double up on the chlorine after a rain. At least until the pollen count goes down.

Why does rain bring worms out on the sidewalks?

Worms live underground. Unfortunately, the ground tends to soak up water when it rains, flooding the homes of the worms. They come out on sidewalks, because if they stayed in their homes, they would drown.

How does Water in the pacific ocean end up falling as rain in the United States?

how does water frrom the pacific ocean end up as rain in new york state

What is lap swim?

lap swim is swimming from the starting place of the pool up to the other end of the pool. . .

Where do you discard pool water while emptying?

well at the end of the day they drain the pool then in the morning they fill it up

Where does the majority or rain water end up?

In seas and oceans .

Why does rain from Luton end up in the Thames?

because its cool

How do you stop groundwater from entering the pool so you can paint it?

Keep pumping it out as it builds up but don't block it of you may end up with a pool floating up out of the ground.

What is the purpose of swimming pool cushions?

I'm going to assume you mean the cushions that under the pool cover. They keep the rain water from pooling up on your cover.

Does thunder and lightning cause worms from coming up from the dirt?

It is the pattering of rain on the soil that causes worms to come to the surface. Many birds take advantage of that by pecking, tapping the ground to fool them. :)

Your pool came up out of the ground?

That is because it has started to float in ground water This would usually be described as the end of your pool.

When a drop of rain goes down a mountain the where does it end up?

to the river

Why does all the rain end up in the ocean?

because of the run-off

Why are there earthworms in the swimming pool?

They crawl out of the ground and accidentally end up in cement. They continue to squirm until they fall into the pool... and drown :-(

Do you need to rinse after backwashing pool?

Yes. if you don't you may end up with a cloud of dust being washed back into the pool.

Can rainwater float a pool?

possible hydrostatic pressure sandy soil and enough rain water pool could lift up like a bucket in a bathtub full of water.

Kitten bringing blood up at six weeks old?

May be worms, blood from either end.

Are all diving boards in the deep end?

Yes, because if it was in the shallow end you would end up hitting the bottom of the pool pretty hard.

What are the dangers of temporarily emptying an in-ground swimming pool?

The first thing you have to look out for is that there isn't to much ground water out side the pool say when its raining or just after rain. because water may be able to build up under the pool and lift it up out of it proper position.

Can you install an inground pool in a backyard that slopes downward and then slopes up at the end of the lot?

Yes, as long as the pool itself is on level ground. If not then see if the pool company that is going to build your pool give you some pointers.

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