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Why do you capitalize the letter 'L' when abbreviating liter?

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Both L and l (upper- and lowercase letter L) are correct symbols for the liter, but the uppercase version is preferred to avoid confusion with the digit 1. A script small L is occasionally seen but is not correct.

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What is the symbol of liter?

The symbol of a liter is: LThe letter L; usually in the upper case to distinguish between l and 1.

Why liters abbreviated as L?

Because 'L' is the first letter of the word "liter" when properly spelled. Therefor, when you see the letter 'L', it reminds you of the word 'liter', much more than it reminds you of the words 'gallon', 'meter', or 'week'.

Why are liters called L?

Because 'L' is the initial (the first letter) of the word 'liter', so when you read 'L', it's quite easy for your brain to quickly realize that the 'L' is there in place of the word 'liter'. At least, more quickly than if the letter were a 'D' or a 'Q'.

Is the abbreviation of 'liter' l or L?


Abbreviation for Liter?

Originally, the only symbol for the liter was l (lowercase letter L), following the SI convention that only those unit symbols that abbreviate the name of a person start with a capital letter.

Do you capitalize l?


What is liter in metric system represented by?

The letter L, it should be a lowercase l, but an uppercase L is often used to avoid confusion with the umber 1.

What is the abbreviation of 'liter'?


Why is the L in lieter capitlized?

It is Litre, (or Liter if you are american) not lieter. The L is capitalised (not capitlized - your spelling is awful!) to avoid confusion between the letter l and the number 1.

Is ml or L greater?

Liter is greater

Is 0.75 liter and 75 liter the same?

no 0.75 l = 750 ml 75 L = 75,000 ml 1 liter = 1000 ml 1 ml = 0.001 L

Is L or mL bigger?

A liter(L) is bigger. One liter(L) is equivalent to 1,000 milliliter(mL).

What is a micro liter symbol?

A greek lower case letter, Mu. It is shaped as such: μ along with an l for litre

Which is more a liter or a cup?

liter 1 liter = 4.22 cups 1 cup = 0.23 L 1 L = 4 metric cups

What is the difference between the liter and liter?

They are spelt differently :L

What is the abbreviation of liter?


What is the symbol for liter?


What is the abreviation of liter?


What is to abbreviations of liter?


What is the initials for liter?

That is 'L'

20 ounces to liter?

0.59 L 1 liter = 33.814 oz 1 oz = 0.02 L

64 oz with liter?

1.89 L 1 liter = 33.814 oz 1 oz = 0.02 L

39 cL into L?

0.39 L 1 liter = 100 centiliters 1 centiliter = 0.01 liter

7890 cL into L?

78.9 L 1 liter = 100 centiliters 1 centiliter = 0.01 liter

What is 5 letter word starting with l and fourth letter e?