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Why do you celebrate Pi day?

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We celebrate pi day because pi equals 3.14........ which is an endless number. It's a fun math class to celebrate pi day on March 14th! Yum... Pie!

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Pi day is on March 14th, because Pi=3.14 It is just a day to celebrate pi

Pi day is March 14, or 3/14 because Pi starts 3.14.... We celebrate peoples birthday on the day they were born. Einstein was born on March 14th so we celebrate his, and everyone else who was born on March 14th, on Pi day.

Pi Day is March 14. It is that day because it is 3-14 (the first 3 digits of pi). It is just a day to eat pie (the dessert) and celebrate pi (3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375...)

People participate in a wide variety of events on March 14 (the designated day to celebrate pi day). These events usually have to do with the number 3.14 (pi).

Because pi is 3.14 and March is the 3rd month. (3/14)

because the first three numbers in pi are 3.14 so they celebrate it on 3/14.

It is March 14th because the first 3 digits of pi are 3.14

Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 (3/14) as Pi is equal to 3.14(159265....) Pi Approximation Day is celebrated on July 22 (7/22) to celebrate Archimede's popular approximation of pi being equal to 22/7

at 3:14 in the morning or afternoon on March 14.

It can be celebrated in many ways such as making pie, watching the film "pi" and having a pi memorization contest. Other ideas an be eating circular foods and foods like "pi-neapples" and "pi-ke".

Where you celebrate the math term PI by doing PI and eating it. (The food that is.) If you ask me personally I think that it is really lame! ================================ National Pi Day is March 14. It's 3/14 -- get it? Here is the official National Pi Day web site: On March 14, 2015 at 9:26 it will be 3.1415926!! Cool!!

International pi day was chosen because it's on March 14 or 3/14 and the first three numbers of pi are 3.14 Larry Shaw, physicist, organized the first pi day in 1988 at the San Francisco Exploratorium. He thought that it would be fun to march around and eat fruit pies.

pi = 3.14, and in months that's March 14 (3/14), so it's just a fun day for kids at some schools who actually bring in pie, or a pizza pie. because i like pi and pi is good. and i do believe its spelt pie

That depends whether you celebrate Pi day on 3.14 (March 14) or 22/7 (July 22).March 14, 1975 fell on a Friday.July 22, 1975 fell on a Tuesday.

Pi day is celebrated worldwide on March 14. The celebration reaches its high point at 9 minutes and 26 seconds after 3 pm (3-14, 15:9:26)

I think the question would more correctly be posed as "why did the United States, decide to celebrate Pi Day on Albert Einstein's birthday?" Pi Day was started by Larry Shaw in 1988. Einstein was born in 1879 and died in 1955. (He was already dead when Pi day came into existence, so there is no way he could have been born on Pi day.) See the related links below for additional information.

Nothing "caused" it. There was a feeling, amongst mathematicians, that pi is a pretty important number so why not celebrate it. And if so, it was obvious that the most appropriate date would be 14th of March or 3.14, which is pi to 2 decimal places.

AnswerPi day is on March 14th or 3/14.This is because an approximation of the number pi is 3.14.

The celebration day of pi (3.14159265...)

Today, march 14, is pi day.

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Pi Day is on march 14(3.14)

We have pi day to sorta symbolize the meaning of pi. I think it is just for fun

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