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Why do you cough with the flu?


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October 14, 2014 8:45PM

Influenza viruses attack the respiratory system. As they force the cells in the respiratory system to stop their usual function and make new viruses instead, your body notices the strain of the loss of those cells' function. Additionally, when the virus has been reproduced to the point of bursting open the cell, that death of the cell also causes respiratory symptoms. When the tissue is inflamed from infection and cell death, your lungs and mucous tissue begin to produce excess amounts of fluids and mucus to try to wash the invader out of your body. This excess drainage can tickle your throat and drip into your trachea and make you cough. Your lungs will also react with more fluid production which results in coughing, again, as a mechanism of forcing the pathogen from your body and protecting you from destruction of more respiratory system cells.