Why do you cover your mouths when you yawn?

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Because people are too stupid to notice that it lets in more air in your body when you don't have enough
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Do worms yawn?

Yawning is a modified breathing activity that is associated withvertebrate animals that have lungs. It is believed that yawning isa way to introduce more air and oxygen into the lungs so the animalis more prepared for activity; in other words, it's trying not tofall asleep. Since worms do not have l ( Full Answer )

Why do dogs yawn?

Answer . Dogs yawn as a way to calm themselves when they are stressed. An agility dog (dog that does agility tricks) will often yawn just before he does his run as a way to "stretch", or loosen himself up before doing his run. If you have a dog that yawns during obedience classes, it indicates ( Full Answer )

What is a yawn?

A yawn (from the Middle English yanen, an alteration of yonen or yenen, which in turn comes from the Old English geonian[1]), is a reflex of simultaneous inhalation of air and stretching of the eardrums, followed by exhalation of breath. Pandiculation is the term for the act of stretching and yawnin ( Full Answer )

Why you should cover your mouth when coughing?

Answer . So you don't spread your germs to other people. When coughing and sneezing, most of the respiratory droplets that can spread viruses and diseases come from your mouth, but there is also a certain amount that can come out of your nose at the same time due to the force behind the cough or ( Full Answer )

Why do we yawn?

Yawning It is actually still an unknown mystery of life. Thoughthere are good hypotheses supporting why humans and animals yawn,they are not conclusive. Any explanation about why we yawn will have to explain a number ofinteresting observations: . Yawning occurs even when oxygen and carbon dioxide ( Full Answer )

What is yawning?

When you are sleepy or drowsy the lungs do not take enough oxygenfrom the air. This causes a shortage of oxygen in our bodies. Thebrain senses this shortage of oxygen and sends a message thatcauses you to take a deep long breath---a YAWN.

How do you yawn?

Actually, you do not yawn when your tired Specifically. When you yawn, your releasing Carbon Dioxide from your body to keep you alert and awake.

How does covering your mouth help prevent germs?

Covering the mouth does help the spread of germs because when you let your hands go, you touch stuff. When you want to touch it again you get the germs back.and other people who touch the same thing you touch.

Why do not people cover their mouth when they cough?

Most people are simply not aware of how many germs are spread by a cough. One cough can spray germs over a six-foot area! Many illnesses, such as the cold, are spread by breathing in what someone else has coughed up. It seems obvious to cover the mouth, but there are actually many people who have ne ( Full Answer )

Why do pitchers cover their mouth when they talk to the catcher?

In Baseball, signs and signals are used and frequently stolen and used to obtain an advantage. It is understood and expected that the other team is actually observing and making every effort to "steal" the sign. There is a reason that pitchers cover their mouth when they talk to their catcher; there ( Full Answer )

What does a yawn do?

When you yawn, its because you're a little inactive. When youre not doing anything, you breathe slowly, not letting enough air get to your lungs. So your brain tells you to take a deep breath, which is what we call a 'yawn'. -from Taylor. (a 12 year old)

Why do other people yawn when you yawn?

Well, in my science class this old dude was experimenting that. Someone yawned on stage and 55% of the audience yawned too. When he noticed that he started experimenting. He thought it might be the way your mouth moves when you yawn, so he made a video clip of a persons mouth yawning and played the ( Full Answer )

When you yawn why does the next person yawn?

For the same reason that people look up when you look up. You can call it the power of suggestion. . its to do with the mide. to find out more i would proberly go on health websites or if your that conserned go to doctor or your actual GP yawns are very contagious. so when we yawn we got it from s ( Full Answer )

Why does yawning beget more yawning?

becaue when you see soeone yawn it makes ur brain think u need 2 yawn. or yawning is due to the fact you are breathing slower and not taking in enough oxygen

Why do catchers cover their mouths when talking to pitchers on the mound?

They cover their mouth so that the opposing players cant read his lips, and figure out what they are talking about It went from being a common sense strategy to standard practice for pitchers in 1989, during Game 1 of the National League Championship Series. Cubs catcher Joe Girardi went out to ( Full Answer )

Why do you cover your mouth when scared?

You cover your mouth when your are scared because you want to close your eyes but you cant your so scared so you cover your mouth

Why should you cover your mouth when sneezing?

Your taught this as a kid. If you cover your sneeze with your elbow instead of your hand germs won't be transmitted onto everything you touch... most importantly things like rubbing your nose... eyes... and mouth. You cover mouth because when you sneeze air born germs fly out of your mouth like a vo ( Full Answer )

Should you cover mouth of patient with tuberculosis?

There are basically two ways that you can deal with someone who has tuberculosis. This is a highly virulent disease and needs to have appropriate techniques taken in order to make sure that other patients and people do NOT contract the virus.. 1) You can put the patient into isolation, and all staf ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when somebody covers their mouth when they talk to you?

It could mean many things. This may sound funny, but maybe they're afraid their breath smells. They could be embarrassed of their teeth, or maybe they're just shy. They could even be biting their nails. Don't worry about it. It's probably nothing. . There are generally only three reason for this . ( Full Answer )

Why do Michael Jackson mouth have to be cover?

because a while back him and his youngest son prince Michael II"blanket" were playing around and blanket got a little too rough and accidentally burst open his daddy's lip. Michael then had to undergo emergency surgery on his lip. im assuming Michael did not want to be seen like that after his surge ( Full Answer )

Why does a spray of water come out of mouth when yawning?

The sublingual caruncle is found under your tongue (either side of the frenulum - the small folds going from your tongue and the cavity floor). This is where two salivary glands, the sublingual and submandibular glands, empty into the oral cavity. That is why saliva will sometimes spray out when ( Full Answer )

If your nose and mouth are covered with hands will you pass out?

Yes, if covered tightly enough (air tight) to keep adequate oxygen from getting into to your lungs. People pass out when enough oxygen can't get to their brains from the blood stream to keep fully functioning. If the oxygen gets used up and isn't replenished through breathing air in and out of th ( Full Answer )

Can horses yawn?

It turns out that yawning in horses has puzzled several people as there are many postings on the topic. Physiologically (in both horses and humans), yawning is associated with a variety of neurochemical substances that are secreted in the brain in association with changes in state of arousal. . Bo ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of covering your mouth when you sneeze?

When you cover your mouth during a sneeze, you prevent the thousands of droplets that blast out of your mouth from flying everywhere. Even though you sneeze because somethings in your nose, most of the air and droplets that fly out come from your mouth.


When we are sleepy or drowsy then our lungs don't take enough oxygen which increases carbon dioxide in our body. The brain senses this and sends us a messages that causes us to yawn. By Akhilesh Sharma

Why excessive yawning?

well doctors have proved that yawning has a direct connection to the amount of oxygen in someones blood. lower levels tend to make us tired or fatigued. when we need to be alert, our bodies require that there is a sufficient amount of oxygen in the blood. If there isn't enough, our bodies react by ( Full Answer )

Why should you cover you mouth when you cough?

To stop the spread of viruses or other germs that can be released in respiratory droplets. These droplets are expelled during coughs and sneezes when you have the flu or a cold. You cover to catch those germs and droplets. It is to prevent giving others the germs you have. It is also just good etiqu ( Full Answer )

Is yawning dangerous?

No, it's actually good for you. It's the fastest way to send air up to your brain.

Why is yawns contagious?

yawns are actually not really contagious. when people tell you they are, it makes you think they are, but they are really not.

Why does it hurt when I yawn?

It shouldn't, so the likely cause is TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder), an inflammation of the jaw at its connection to the skull. This can have a number of causes.

Why should you cover your mouth while sneezing?

When most people sneeze, lots of air and sometimes spit comes out of their mouths. If they sneeze, they could be sick, the air could get to someones face and they would get sick. And, If you ask me, I'd rather cover my mouth than spit on everything and everyone

Why should you cover your nose and mouth when insecticides are being sprayed?

So you do not inhale the chemicals which could be very harmful to humans. Some pesticides are toxic to humans just as they are toxic to the insects, so you should avoid being in the area where these are being used. If you can not avoid the area, then reasonable measures should be taken to avoid inha ( Full Answer )

Is there something you can do to cover up drugs for mouth swab?

No. There is nothing you can do. Sucking copper coins was one way that was thought to have hidden drugs in your mouth, but this is a myth. Stop taking drugs, they ruin your future, your life and your body. You do not need them.

Why we yawn-?

We yawn because our bodies are too relaxed and our brains haven'tgot enough oxygen to be comfortable. The act of yawning causes aninflux of oxygen that invigorates our system.

Why would covering your mouth help prevent a cold from spreading?

The common cold is caused by an upper respiratory tract infection, brought about by a virus, which, when given the right conditions will spread, causing all of the symptoms associated with the common cold. When someone has caught this virus, most scientists argue that there is absolutely no way to c ( Full Answer )

Why would a girl cover her mouth while smiling?

This body language is common in both genders if they lack confidence. It could also be shyness. Or it might even be an act of politeness. Only the individual themselves can answer why because everyone is different.