Why do you fall in love with someone?

The reason for love is a very difficult thing to answer. But I believe people fall in love because no one is truly complete without it! Without that one person you can tell anything to, who will always b there for you no matter what without question! Who can light up your day with the simplest things and excites you even after a very long time! Without love existence would be boring and uncaring but with love people can know friendship, joy, parenthood, marriage, everything! People love because that is what is natural! To feel the exhilaration, the passion, that connection between two people that makes everything in this world seem worthwhile! I personally am lucky enough to be in love with my soul mate! There is no one else i could ever dream of being with! And I cannot imagine my life without her!! She makes me feel like I'm the luckiest person in the world and I know that I would do anything for her!! I love her with all my heart and all that I am! And that is what love is for and why people love because it allows you to be completed and find that one other person that can make you feel like everything before was leading up to falling in love with that person!!