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Why do you feel movement and keep getting negative urine results?

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too early possibly. Or it's something different. go to your doctor

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Which is good positive or negative urine test results?

negative means they found no drugs

Can you get negative urine pregnancy test results when you are 20 weeks pregnant?

Yes. Your urine might be too diluted.

You feel movement in your stomach but you have bleedings every month with a negative urine test can be pregnant?

if the urine test is negative, then you are feeling gas movement. add fiber to you diet and drink 2 liters of water daily and the sensations should stop good luck joymaker rn

Can getting menstrual fluid that is positive for drugs make a urine test that is negative for drugs into a positive?


Is movement of urine into the bladder a voluntary activity?

Movement of urine into the bladder is an involuntary activity.

I feel movement in my stomach but i have bleedings every month with a negative urine test. Can i still be pregnant?

I would like the answer myself..

What if you think you are pregnant because you show signs but home pregnancy tests come up negative?

The most common causes for false negative home pregnancy tests are testing too soon (you should test 14 to 16 days after having unprotected sex) and testing with diluted urine. You should use first mornings urine to test or test with urine that you've held for at least 5 hours. If you still feel that you may be pregnant and are still getting negative results you should see your Dr.

Can zanax cause a false or negative result in a marijuana urinalysis test?

Xanax has nothing to do with a marijuana urine analysis and will not affect the test results.

What does it mean if two different home pregnancy tests had negative results but the signs were very faint and why does it happen?

You might be taking them too early, or not using the first urine of the day when the hormones are stronger in the urine.

Can chlorine change the results of a urine drug test?

Chlorine certainly can change the results of a urine drug test. Chlorine can be a buffer to the substances in the urine.

If you mix water with urine what will be the results of a urine test?


How to read test results from urine test?

It depends on the brand, a pink line, a + sign, the word positive. Negative, no line and no change means not pregnant.

What is the meaning of having a negative result of sugar in urine test?

Urine with negative or no sugar is a good, normal finding.

Your period was dues 2 weeks ago and you took a pregnancy test today and it was negative are you pregnant?

You could be. Sometimes the HGC levels are not high enough to read as a pregnancy that why you get negative results from a urine test

Will your pregnancy test results turn negative if you drink a lot of water?

That depends. If you are trying to take a HPT to determine whether you are pregnant or not and you drink a lot of water, the water will dilute your urine and might give a false negative. first morning urine is the best to test with as it will be the most concentrated with HCG.

What does it mean if your urine pregnancy test was negative but you have been feeling very lightheaded and nauseated?

that means ur testicle is getting big

Does Hydrocodone and tramadol show same results in a urine drug test?

Does hydrocodone and tramadol shoe same results in a urine drug test

If it is already negative in urine testis it possible to be negative in blood test?

It is but that is very rare. I have heard of stories where women have gotten negative results with both but were still prego. Those were women though who had a tilted uterus (or tilted something, I know it was something inside that was tilted)

False negative pregnancy test?

to get the best results from a pregnancy test, take it first thing in the morning. this is because when you first wake up is when you're urine is strongest.

How long to get results from etg urine alcohol test?

When having an EGT urine test, what amount of time till the results will be know? Also is this screened in an office, lab or are strips dipped in the urine

Can urine test for pheochromocytoma be false negative?

Any test can be a false negative.

What is purpose of making urine?

Urine is what results when the kidneys filter waste materials out of the blood. As odd as it seems, before urine is urine, it is part of the blood.

Does modalert show up on drug test as a stimulant?

I have been taking modalert for a week now. I just used a 10 Panel Urine Test Cup from Rapid Diagnostics and the results were negative. Using this simple urine tox screen, the answer to this question is no.

Does a positive urine test show faster than a negative urine test?

Yes, a positive testing urine test will show faster than a negative urine testing.- Personal experience (I have had many urine tests) use "sure jell" and you will pass everytime!!!!! look it up on google.

Can you urine infection affect pregnancy test results?