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It's likely that people who are being abused in a relationship feel guilty for a variety of reasons, and could benefit from support to evalutate the sources of guilt and reasons for remaining in that relationship. Please know that NO ONE ever deserves to be abused and although it may seem difficult to leave an abusive relationship, your life may depend on it - and so do your children's (if applicable) if they are experiencing abuse at the hands of the abuser or by witnessing your abuse - don't underestimate just how much your children are affected by this and will surely affect them for the rest of their lives. Most professionals realize that the abuser may likely have not always been abusive and has some positive qualities to which you were initially attracted, but despite having good qualities and having good days, it is never okay for someone to abuse another person. Abuse never gets better on it's own or just goes away, in fact, it gets worse over time, like a fire that starts out small and gradually spreads to ruin an entire building, abuse is a flammable foundation. Please respect yourself enough, even if you have lost your self-respect, to get out of a situation that leads you to feeling guilty and start working to repair the damage and pain.

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Q: Why do you feel so guilty if you are the one being abused?
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