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you don't gain weight when you eat very little. you need to exercise and eat little portions of your meal and you will not gain weight, you will gain muscle by working out but not the weight.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-04 19:09:22
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Q: Why do you gain weight when you eat very little?
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How fat can a person be?

It ranges on the person and their genes of the family. If you can eat A LOT and not gain weight then you may never gain weight but if you eat a little and gain weight then don't eat that much

How to gain a little weight?

Eat more.

What happens if you eat too little calcium?

if you eat too little calcium you will get obese and may gain weight wich makes you very unhealthy and weak.

How can one gain weight very fast?

If one is interested in gaining weight very fast there are several approaches. Typically, one gain weight by taking in more calories than one burns. Therefore, if one can eat a lot of food and do very little exercises then one can expect to gain a lot of weight.

I am very thin What foods can I eat to be gaining much weight fast or what can I do to gain weight very fast?

You can drink protien shakes that are very helpful to gain weight.

What happens if you eat two meals a day?

You gain a little weight.

How can you gain a little weight?

eat lot's before going to bed.

What could happen if eat candies?

A little, every now and then - nothing much. A little, very often - it'll rot your teeth. A lot very often - the calories will make you gain weight.

How do to you gain weight if you don't like to eat?

If you don't eat, you're not going to gain weight. The only way to do it would be to eat regularily then eat nothing. Then fat will build up making you gain weight. This is a very unhealthy way to gain weight. It's simple, eat more than you usually do, you gain weight. Eat less, lose weight. Eat the same amount, weight stays the same. Advice for you would be eating three big meals, not much snacking. That way you will get more calories in.

Will you gain weight if you eat tomatoes orange juice and salad while you are trying to eat very little?

Weight is gained when you burn less calories than you consume. So, if you sit on the couch every day and don't exercise then yes you will gain some weight. The gain will not be as bad as if you ate fatty foods but you will still gain some. If you exercise regularly and have a diet such as that you'll probably lose weight.

How do you maintain or gain weight while taking Strattera?

hi heather, I'm not sure what you mean? Strattera has very little effect on the appetite. So if you want to gain weight just eat lots of fattening foods. That will do it.

Does beano make you gain weight?

No, well it made me lose weight and eat healthier, but if ur bodies sensitive it may cause u to gain a little bit of weight

Do you gain weight with every bite of food you eat?

No, because not every bite counts as weight unless you eat it very fast.

When you eat sweets do you gain weight?

Yes you do gain weight.

What fruits make you gain weight?

There aren't any real fruits that can make you gain weight, that is if you eat the right amount. But if you eat to much fruits then yes you can gain little weight But a sure way to gain weight while eating fruits is if you dip the fruit in some sort of fruit dip.

How do you can gain your weight except taking food?

To gain weight you have to eat more.

How can your child gain weight?

To gain weight you child has to eat good food.

Does pineapples make you gain weight?

No, pineapples do not make a person gain weight. Pineapples are not fatty and do not contain many calories. They are also very good for a person to eat.

Is it possible to gain weight in one day?

Of course it is possible ot gain weight in one day! If you eat as much as you need to eat then you wont gain weight in one day but if you eat a lot in one day then of course you are gonna gain weight in one day!

Would you gain weight if you ate chicken bugger and fries for 2 days?

Every time you eat you will always gain just a little weight because your putting food in your body but no you would not gain a lot of weight at all from eating a chicken burger and fries for two days. Its not a very healthy choice to do that though and something you should not do often.

How do i eat but not gain weight'?

dont eat

What happens if you eat more that you need?

you will probably make yourself sick and might gain a little weight.

How do you lose weight with very little effort?

Eat less calories

Is it true that if you eat slow you gain weight?

How fast you eat has negligible effect on weight gain or loss.The important factor is what you eat and how much.

When will weight gain if you lift heavy weight or light weight?

Lift Heavy and eat healthy if you want to gain weight.