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Q: Why do you get a black screen on Team Fortress 2 using Linux and it only works on Windows 7?
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Why you get a black screen on Team Fortress 2 using Linux Linux users help me please why is it working only on windows 7 i can't find a solution on the forums?

i have to assume you're running this under wine, wine isn't perfect. it does a pretty good job, but it's never going to be able to run everything exactly right. so you'd expect it to not work for some programs.

How can someone repair the Windows black screen?

There are many ways someone can repair the Windows black screen. Sometime it can be repaired by re-booting the computer. However is that doesn't work, it must be booted through safe mode.

I only have a black screen and a mouse arrow but nothing else works what is the issue?

Reboot into safe mode (By pressing the F8 key when you start your computer) and see if you get the windows screen. If it is black in safe mode then means your windows is corrupted. If you can see the screen that means windows is ok. Run msconfig under safe mode then reboot and see if everything works.

I go on runescape homepage and click play and then the screen turns black and it exits out the screen what do you do?

Try to update java by going to and clicking on free java download and download and install the version of java compatible with your operating system (eg. Linux, Solaris, or Windows.) :)P.S. make sure to choose the right processor type also

Can Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 be used on Windows Vista?

No It Cannot Run On Windows Vista Because It's A Black Screen

How do you remove the windows message about windows not being genuine that pops up before the windows logo and also the black screen on windows 7?

connect your PC to the internet so that windows 7 can update

Where is the black knights fortress at?

The Black Knights' Fortress is located on Ice Mountain, west of Edgeville / the EdgevilleMonastery.

How do you go into safe mode on windows XP?

When you turn on your computer, click the F8 key while the black "boot" screen is up. A screen will come up that will allow you to choose safe mode as an option in starting windows.

Why does your computer screen flash black when starting up?

Reason for black screen:When the computer will not boot up, it sound like it is booting as the CPU fan is running and the lights are on. It also finds the CD ROM but it won't boot from a CD either.Sometimes when you have a computer black screen on startup and the power switch light will be green and then turns to orange or amber. Everything is running.Everything seems to be running but you can't see anything on the screen, not even a flashing cursor. Your black screen in Windows has occurred before the Windows logo screen.

What to do if the screen of PC becomes black?

First we should restart our PC if our problem has disappeared, our PC is correct. Otherwise, we install new windows. I'm sure that if our window will install our PC it will repair and our problem of black screen is solved.

How you change black screen?

On my MAC I go to System Preferences and then into desktop. At that point I choose a new picture for my screen. A similar command exists under Windows but I forgot what it is. I do not have my manual with me.

How could you close your computer window?

windowstop right, the red box with the white Xlinuxmost linux OS have the red button at the top left, in little circles, the one to close is the little red one with the black Xmacits the red button on the top left of the screen.

I have a laptop i turn it on and the screen just stays black no icons pop up or anything i tried running a Linux CD i could feel the CD being read but nothing happen?

Your monitor screen is likely either broken or unplugged from the main board.

When you turn on your computer you get this black screen and all you can see is the courser?

This is to load windows up. It is basically CMD in full screen. To see CMD in mini version click start - run and type CMD.exe

Why Windows 8 doesn't have a sidebar?

The computer operating system Windows 8 does have a sidebar, You can view it by rolling over the very far right of your screen. A black vertical bar will appear with four options.

How do you get fast black knight kills fast in runescape?

go into the fortress and get them

How do you beat black knights fortress on runescape?

go to a cabbage field and pick one. invade the fortress and then throw the cabbage in the hole.

What do you see first when you turn on the computer?

Here are the things you should see: Black screen, windows logo, 'welcome' logo, your desktop.

Is it true or false that Microsoft Windows uses a graphical user interface?

It is true. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is what you see on your computer screen once Windows has booted up and is ready for use.Without the GUI, you would be faced with a black screen and a prompt at which you would need to type in commands.

Why is my computer screen black?

How can you see the answer? YOUR SCREEN IS BLACK!

If you have an error grub and are unable to access Windows XP installed on a dual operating system with Linux how can you recover?

You can try booting up with the windows xp install CD, or if you have installed XP and Linux on diffirent drives, you can go to the boot menu (hold F8 or F12) and choose the right one. put ur windows xp CD. restart ur system and go to the bios{u should know how} make Cd the first priority and then hard disk on 2nd priority when windows boot up from CD, read what is being shown and you will find a way to get into automated system recovery or some menu that is just black{not blue}screen and text. type CD .. just to say CD dot dot and type fixboot and follow the instructions Answer: Restart5 the computer. boot through windows xp CD. and repaire windows.

What does Keromaru mean?

The "Kuromaru" means "the black fortress" -in Japan.

How do you make the black box in Team Fortress 2?

Direct Hit + Reclaimed Metal = Black Box

Is VIO player a virus?

Yes it is. i had to install Windows 7 again because I had only black screen when I started my computer. Don't download it believe me it will destroy your PC.

What is meant by console application in dotnet?

Simply a non-GUI app. Like commandline in Windows. A black screen with text. The purpose of this type of application is to run in commandline.