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Why do you get a frontal headache when you have a cold with nasal congestion?

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2009-01-29 09:46:01

It sounds like your sinuses may actually be congested. When your

sinuses become congested they create pressure in your head which

often causes facial pain and also results in frontal headaches

(located in the forehead). If you have had the cold for more then

three weeks, you may also actually have developed a sinus

infection, due to the congestion. You see mucus provides the ideal

substance for bacteria to grow in and if it remains trapped in your

sinus cavities an infection may develop. There are several products

in the market that you can use to help treat sinus congestion. My

personal favourite is SinusWars7 (because it is completely natural

and has no side effects). There is also sinusbuster and sinol that

you can use.

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